Spring foliage green is going to be the colour trend transforming your home in 2017 according to Pantone. The world-renowned authority on all things colour has introduced the tone ‘Greenery’ to its pallets. Executive Director of Pantone, Leatrice Eiseman, said the colour is symbolic of new beginnings and “the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose”. Discover how you can incorporate the luscious shade into your home…

What Colours Compliment Green Shades?

Green is a versatile colour and used cleverly it can bring the essence of the great outdoors into your living space. This tone is trans-seasonal; an evergreen hue that is both warm and subtle.  It will work well in combination with many colours, especially as a colourful contrast in rooms painted in neutral colours such as earthy browns, whites and pastel shades.  Vivid oranges, blues and deep indigos will be complimented by the addition of green, so there is a lot of room to explore how you can use green with other colours in your home.

Therapeutic Colours: Green’s Health Benefits

Introducing green into your home will have your décor looking on point, but beyond that it also has psychological and physical health benefits. This is unsurprising because we know that taking time to sit in a blooming garden or picnicking in the countryside is a balm to days spent in stark work environments.  Looking at green objects stimulates the bodies pituitary glands making the body relax and raising blood histamine levels. This will help your immune system fight of allergy symptoms, aid smoother muscle contractions and relieve stress.

Use Greenery: In Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is meant to be a haven and what better way to make this room an oasis of calm than by decorating with green? Get the colour of the year in your boudoir:

  • Not keen on having potted plants in your bedroom? Put up botanical themed paintings instead.
  • Throw cushions are an inexpensive way to carry the colour into your room. Mix light and dark greens cushions, play with different textures and sizes of pillows.
  • In love with forest-scapes? Create your own by painting walls grey or soft brown. Find curtains printed with florals or plant tendrils and add a leather headboard for the full effect.

Use Greenery: In Your Lounge:

Want a cool and relaxed space to wind-down? Pantone’s Greenery shade is perfect for living-rooms:

  • Go dramatic – put tall ornate pot plants in a corner or on either side of a doorway. Fill with ferns, aloes or flowering plants of your choice.
  • Add smaller furniture pieces like this green ottoman to your lounge. It will provide a colourful focal point in your lounge if your other furniture is in neutral shades.
  • Self-adhesive wall paper is an easy DIY solution to bland walls. Check out this palm leave patterned graphic you can have printed as wallpaper.

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