2017 Style Tip: Standing Lamps

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January 31, 2017
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February 28, 2017
standing lamps

Elle Décor refers to standing lamps as ‘visual punctuation’ – while the main focus of your room might be a big leather sofa or a corner lounge suite, a standing lamp, small in comparison to your furniture pieces, adds a layered dimension to your room, and an extra focal point to draw the eye. Here’s how to use standing lamps to shed light onto your favourite Leisure Lounge furniture…

  • A retro standing lamp placed between two contemporary Ash occasional chairs makes a commanding statement
  • Asymmetry is interesting – place a standing lamp at one end of the sofa and a lamp on a side table at the other
  • Standing lamps not only make a visual statement, but provide excellent light for reading nooks
  • To create a warm, homely ambiance, turn down the overhead lights and let your standing lamp shine!
  • A vintage standing lamp next to your Florence fabric couch will give your lounge that luxe 1920s feel…

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