With the arrival of the summer months, it’s time to open up our living rooms to cool air and warm décor. Leisure Lounge offers some tips to bring summer into your home with your décor and furniture choices.

3 Ways to Open Your Living Room for Summer

Summer is here. Celebrate the change of seasons with some changes to your living room décor. Here are three tips to help you bring the summer indoors. Read our blog for more expert decorating tips.

1. Add a Daybed

A daybed is a classic summer living room addition. Having one among your couches and recliners just gives your living that touch of summer relaxation and makes it feel like you’re on holiday – even if you aren’t. Provide a place for lazy afternoon reading, binge-watching, or siestas. Go for understated creamy or beige colours with a touch of bold colour in your throw cushions.

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2. Bring in Some Beach-inspired Accents

What evokes summer more effectively than the beach and everything that goes with it? Choose a few shells, rope or anchor motifs or sea-inspired art prints and turn your lounge into a Mediterranean retreat. Don’t overdo the theme – just add one or two touches.

3. Change the Floorplan

If you have a sliding door or large window in your living room, be careful with the way you arrange your furniture. Face your couches outwards towards the view and make sure that your (no doubt, perfectly landscaped and manicured) garden is visible to all. If you have an L-shaped couch, try and arrange it against the opposite wall. If you do have some pieces facing inwards, go for low-backed seating designs to maximise the view.

Get Your Luxury Summer Furniture from Leisure Lounge

Whatever touches you decide to add to your living room this summer, Leisure Lounge has all the couches, chairs, tables, ottomans and more that you will need to create a haven of rest on the hot days to come.

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