Your lounge or living room is the face your home presents to the world. Your visitors will get their first impression of you and your style from the look of your lounge. Being the centrepieces of most lounges, couches set the tone for that first impression, so when choosing your couch, you need to make sure that it really captures the essence of you, your style and your home. To help you out in your choices, here is a list of five styles and what they say about their owner.

The Chesterfield

The classic leather Chesterfield with its deep-buttoned upholstery, rolled arms and low, arm-level back, has an old-school opulence about it. If you have a Chesterfield in your lounge it speaks of a taste for the finer things in life and a slight flair for the baroque. Expect to find this in the homes of the newly affluent.

Leather Couches - Leisure Lounge Chesterfield Leather Couch

The Madrid

The English roll-arm design of the Madrid couch tones down the opulence in comparison to the Chesterfield. This is a fairly simple and unadorned fabric-covered couch that is built for comfort. The roll-arm look offers some concessions to aesthetic needs but the overall feel is one of understated homeliness. This is the couch for the household that enjoys spending one weekend binge watching their favourite show, and entertaining friends and family the next.

The Kent Chaise Longue

If the Chesterfield was all about opulence, the chaise longue adds a touch of decadence. This is for the couch owner with a more solitary mindset or one who likes to hold court while lounging like a Roman senator. On the other hand, it could make a very passable, cosy love seat. This centrepiece is for people whose style includes a flair for the dramatic.

Couch Corner Suites

No big, spacious family home is complete without one of these (we have a range of them in a variety of styles and colours). This is the couch that tells the world that one big, happy family lives in this house. It announces togetherness and welcome. No matter how many people are sitting on it, it always feels like there’s room for one more.

Did you know? Any couch that you fall in love with at Leisure Lounge can be made into a corner suite? That’s right, your selection of fine furniture is truly limitless! We will make up your order according to your dimensions and choice of fabric to craft a truly unique couch that meets your family’s needs. Simply get in touch to place your order!

The Day Bed

Yes, it’s not strictly a couch… or is it? That depends on how you use it. You can pile it up with pillows during the day and remove the pillows to make a perfectly serviceable bed at night. This piece is the most relaxed and casual of the styles here. Many holiday homes have day beds – usually facing outwards with a view towards the ocean. Even if you don’t put it in a holiday home, it fills any lounge with an easy-come, easy-go vibe that will make the place feel as if it’s a holiday home.

Whether these styles appeal to you, or you have your mind set on others, or you’re not quite sure what you’re after just yet, we can find or make the couch for you. Contact us to find your dream couch.