5 Modern Bathroom Looks We Love

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At Leisure Lounge, we’re convinced bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in any home, simply because (at some point) everyone visits them. If you enjoy interior design, you will have a great time sifting through the many themes, colour schemes and accessories you can potentially use in your bathroom remodel or design.

5 Modern Bathroom Trends to Love

Using our simple modern bathroom style guide, feast your eyes on our favourite looks and make our vision your home’s reality. Keep reading the blog and draw your bathroom inspiration from our guide featuring five of our favourite bathroom looks that we love: and know you will too!

1. Modern Minimalist

Nobody likes a cluttered, busy bathroom when you are trying to relax in a bubble bath, which is why the minimalist style has become so popular amongst homeowners. Not only does this style look great, but it is also practical too; rather than spend ages wiping around body lotion bottles, decorative seashells and other bathroom accessories, simply give the surfaces a quick wipe down.

The minimalist lifestyle is taking the internet by a storm, featuring on most home design websites simply because of its efficiency for homeowners. If you want a bathroom design that is easy to maintain and won’t go out of style, this one is for you.

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2. A Freestanding Bathtub

This modern trend is extremely romantic and looks good in almost any bathroom. You can go with the traditional oval shape, but if you are looking for a more modern look in your bathroom, you may look for a rectangular or pedestal bathtub. Ensure that your bathtub matches the overall theme and colour scheme of your bathroom, as mixing and matching will throw off the symmetrical appearance found in modern bathrooms.

A freestanding tub serves as both a prominent bathroom feature and a stunning decorative piece, meaning that you won’t have to work as hard when decorating the remainder of your bathroom.

3. Keep it Neutral

The key to a chic, modern bathroom is to keep the colour scheme neutral. The most effective colours for bathrooms are classic greys and whites. You cannot go wrong with these two colours, they are timeless yet trendy. If you are determined to keep to the modern trend, avoid adding any unnecessary additional colours on items such as towels and sponges.

If you are daring, all-black is a trend that is taking over the internet as a top bathroom trend. Regardless of your colour choice, for an effective modern bathroom, don’t use more than two different colours and keep it simple.

4. Add Indoor Plants

If you are looking for a relaxing spa-like feel for your bathroom, the answer is simple: indoor plants. Get in touch with nature by adding a few indoor plants to your bathroom- this will also add a splash of colour to your bathroom.

Place these plants next to your sink, on the window ledge or in your shower. It is your choice on whether you want real or fake plants but, if you choose real, to water them regularly, or wipe them down occasionally if you choose fake. These plants will give your bathroom an instant boost and give it a relaxing feel.

5. Open Plan Shower

If your bathroom is fairly large, then this is a modern trend that is still unique and perfect for you. Not only does an open plan shower space look stunning, but it also makes your bathroom look bigger too! If you are worried about water going everywhere, you can build a small retainer wall (no more than 10cm) to prevent this. This stunning look will also save you time, as no shower glass means less time spent cleaning the bathroom. Enjoy the freedom of an open plan shower and enjoy the compliments bound to follow this bold decorative move.

Create Your Perfect Modern Bathroom with the Help of Leisure Lounge

Now that you have read through our five favourite modern bathroom trends, it is time to decide what you love, what you like and what you simply cannot do without. If you are planning on renovating the rest of your home, Leisure Lounge have you covered! Contact us or browse through our products and allow yourself to dream all that your home can be.

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