Lockdown has proved to be a challenging time for many people. Whether you are working from home or on indefinite leave, you may find yourself with more free time than you are used to. If you are struggling to find productive ways to fill your days at home, Leisure Lounge is challenging you to reorganize your home by sharing 5 furniture rearranging tips to keep you occupied during the coronavirus pandemic.

How to Rearrange Your Home During Lockdown

By reorganizing your home, you are not only cleaning and decluttering spaces but also giving yourself a refreshing change of scenery and productive project to pass the hours. Keep reading the blog for 5 quick tips for reorganizing your home to be post-lockdown ready.

Tip #1: One Room at A Time Rule

On the first day of reorganizing, you may feel inspired by all you can achieve. However, it is important to set a ‘one room at a time’ rule to keep your home from becoming a disaster zone. We all know reorganizing can be messy, so keep the clutter to one area at a time and move on to the next room once one has been completed.

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Tip #2: Take Measurements BEFORE Moving Anything

If you have a vision for where your couch needs to move to- measure before you move it. Many people have an idealistic spot for a piece of furniture, then realize that it simply does not fit there. Save yourself the time and effort by measuring your furniture and their future spot before you do all the strenuous moving.

Tip #3: Start with The Big

Once the measurements are done and you are happy with your furniture’s new places, move the big items. Once the big furniture pieces have been moved then you can focus your time on decluttering, organizing and re-decorating the space. You’ll get a better idea on what to do with the small stuff when you have the big pieces arranged.

Tip #4: Let Go of Furniture That Just Doesn’t Make the Cut

If your room is cramped, or you find you are squeezing past items that just don’t fit, you need to make the decision you let go of some items. By taking a few furniture pieces out of the equation, you are opening yourself up to new possibilities when it comes to your furniture arrangement. You can always replace the item with a smaller, more practical piece after lockdown.

Tip #5: Draw a Map

Illustrating your ideas is a great way to organize and get a clear image of the idea in your head. Draw different variations of furniture placement and investigate your favourites by measuring and shifting pieces around. Drawing a map can open your mind to a different placement and maybe even inspire a furniture retraction or introduction in the room.

Get Your Furniture from Leisure Lounge Today

During your rearranging project, you may find that your home is missing a certain piece of furniture that you think would finish the room off perfectly. Leisure Lounge specialize in designing custom-made furniture that is a perfect fit for your home. Contact us today and we can help make your furniture vision a reality.

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