It is common in most households, especially those with kids or animals, for the lounge suite to become dirty, faded or worn after time. It can be exhausting trying to keep it clean, not to mention a strain on your budget, which is why many homeowners have resorted to purchasing a slipcover couch. With so many benefits of a slipcover couch, you will ensure it is your next purchase for your living room.

Why a Slipcover Couch?

If you are unsure about why these couches are a ‘must’ for any home, we at Leisure Lounge are sharing just 5 reasons why they are a game-changer.

Reason To Choose a Slipcover Couch #1: Your Couch is Childproof and Pet-Friendly

With slipcover couches, you no longer have to worry about mess or damage caused by children and pets. Let your fury friend enjoy cosy winter nights on the couch with you and stress less about dirty marks and accidental spills that would be permanent or difficult to clean on normal upholstery.

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Reason To Choose a Slipcover Couch #2: Give Old Furniture a New Look

If your living room couches are starting to show their age, purchasing a whole new set might not be an option. Investing in a slipcover couch means that you can constantly reinvent your living room furniture without having to purchase a whole new couch – simply replace your old slipcover with a new one.

Reason To Choose a Slipcover Couch #3: They are Easy to Clean

In the unfortunate event of spillage or your couch just needs a good scrub, it is super simple to clean. All you need to do is unzip the slipcover and pop it in the washing machine; more stubborn stains can be removed with warm water and your choice of product. How easy is that?

Reason To Choose a Slipcover Couch #4: Slipcover Couches are Cost-Effective

Slipcover couches are a budget-friendly addition to your living room. When the cover has started to wear and look a bit too tatty for your liking, instead of purchasing a new couch, all you need to replace is the covering. You also save money on upholstery cleaning, that is recommended for regular couches.

Reason To Choose a Slipcover Couch #5: Change Your Couch as You Change Your Home

Whether you are redecorating or getting into the holiday spirit, your couches can change with you. You no longer have to decorate your living room around your couches as changing the colours and patterns has never been easier. Who says you can’t have a Christmas couch?

Get Your Slipcover Couch from Leisure Lounge Today

If you are looking for an easily maintained, durable and long-term couch, it is time to invest in your slipcover couch. Leisure Lounge specialises in furniture custom-designed to suit your home and requirements. Contact us today for a quote or with any furniture queries you have.

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