The modern dining room tends to lean more into the formal style than the dreamy. At Leisure Lounge, we believe that while the slick and minimalist modern look is popular, more people are looking for comfort and tradition when it comes to where they invite friends and family to dine. From feasts and celebratory times of the year, to simply having a more luxurious space to eat in, finding the right dining room decor tips can be challenging.

1. Going Scandinavian

The Scandinavian design trend is proving especially popular among those that are looking for a fresher and cleaner feel. This is an especially good look for the dining room. Partly, this is down to the fact that the Scandinavian look adds a more laid-back feel to the space, making it ideal for a dreamy dining room. It’s versatile too and makes it much easier to add new seating for unexpectedly high numbers of guests.

2. The Formal Look

If your tastes lean more to the traditional then you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the dining room. More formal than other design trends, the traditional look is ideal for those that yearn for the days when eating with others meant dressing up for the occasion. If this is the look you’re aiming for, then focus primarily on getting the very best tableware and some pendant lighting so that visitors are hit by the wow factor as soon as they arrive.

3. Decadence & Art Deco

Art deco is all about the celebration of excess, and that makes it perfect when designing somewhere to feast. If you entertain around the dining room table more than any other room, then the art deco look is very simple to achieve. Look at ornate geometrics in your decoration and prioritize rich colours. The best thing about the art deco dining room is that it can be dressed up for more formal occasions but is just as easy to dress down for more relaxed days.

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4. Embracing the Country

The rustic style is the ideal design choice for those that dream of living in the country. This is a wholesome design that is loaded with personality, comfort, and practicality. Look at investing in some stoneware tableware and some classic cutlery designs to complete the look, with some fresh greenery on the table directly from the garden.

5. Go Dark

In any list of the best dining room decor tips at the moment you’ll see the prevalence of dark interiors. This used to be a big no-no, but it’s making a comeback due to a growing demand for cosier and dreamier dining rooms. The key is subtle shading and the nuances of a dark-hued room. It’s remarkably easy to bring even a small dining room to life using darker shades, but you must have no distracting bright colours that will detract from the overall impact.

Find Your Dreamy Dining Room Inspiration from Leisure Lounge

Dining rooms are a unique room in the home, and everyone uses their dining room in different ways. Before you commit to a more dreamlike dining room, make sure that you have a clear plan in mind. Get your initial ideas right and your dining room could become your favourite room in the house. Contact us to find out more about us or visit your nearest showroom today.

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