5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Living Room

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There is nothing quite like a spring clean to rejuvenate your living room and this can also have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing. You feel a great sense of accomplishment once you have finished spring cleaning and it helps the living room to feel much cleaner, neater and tidier which will allow you to take pride in your property and be able to relax when you are at home.

5 Steps to a Fresh New Living Room

At Leisure Lounge, we believe that in order to get all of these benefits out of the clean (as well as a few others), it is important that you know a few spring cleaning tips which you might be unaware of. Keep reading the blog as we reveal the 5 steps you need to take for spring-cleaning success.

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1. Move Out Everything That You Can

In order to perform a full clean you will want the room to be as empty as possible so move out as much furniture as you can. This will help you to reach all the hard to access areas which are often missed on a regular clean. It is then a case of dusting and cleaning all of the surfaces, vacuuming and generally tidying the area.

2. Wash or Dry-Clean Your Fabrics

The fabrics in the living room often get heavy usage but do not get cleaned often. Therefore, it is a good idea to take down the curtains, drapes, cushion covers and throw rugs and have them professionally cleaned or dry-cleaned (be sure to check the instructions). You should also clean the sofa as instructed by the manufacturer and any rugs or carpets that you have. This will make the room look and feel much cleaner.

3. Don’t Forget Your Ceiling & Wall Corners

Most people neglect or forget about the ceiling and wall corners when cleaning a home but you can get a lot of dust and dirt that accumulates up here. Spend time dusting and cleaning the ceiling and corners to make sure that every inch has been covered.

4. Clean Your Windows

The windows are the eyes of the home so you will want them to be as bright, clean and attractive as possible. This will maximise the amount of natural light that you have coming through as well as make the home look more attractive and welcoming from the outside (be sure to clean both inside and out).

5. Improve the Fragrance

Your sense of smell is one of your most powerful senses and one which can have a direct impact on mood and how you feel about a space. Therefore, a spring clean is a great opportunity to improve the fragrance of the room. Spring cleaning will naturally help to get rid of any unwanted odours and leave a nice smell but you should also consider something that will last longer, such as an air freshener or essential oils.

Treat Your Spruced-Up Living Room to Luxurious New Furniture from Leisure Lounge

Spring cleaning the living room can breathe new life into the space and help you to take pride in this important room of the house. These spring cleaning tips should help you to perform a deep clean that will leave the space looking and feeling much cleaner, tidier and more welcoming which can have a huge impact on how you feel when you come home after a long day. Reach out to us to find out more about us, or head over to our online store to find what you are looking for.

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