During these unfamiliar and rather scary times, there is nowhere safer to be than in your own home. In a time where coronavirus occupies every news headline we come across, you may have forgotten that germs live amongst us, latching onto our bodies, clothes and even our furniture. At Leisure Lounge, we believe your home is meant to be where you feel safest, which is why we are sharing our top germ-busting furniture sanitizing tips to protect you and your family from this pesky virus- and any other germ that tries to enter your home in the future.

How to Effectively Sanitise Your Home

Ensure that your cleaning method is killing all unwanted germs before they infect you and your family. Keep reading the blog as share 7 tips on how to effectively sanitise your furniture.

Tip #1: Disinfect the Entrance to Your Home

If you are on a cleaning spree, trying to rid your home of any trace of coronavirus after a trip to the supermarket, you need to start with the entrance verandah and foyer of your home. These areas are usually touched first; railings, doorknobs, locks and key holders can pick up the germs from your hands. Simple disinfectant wipes will do the trick in removing any germs that may have latched on to these areas before you got a chance to wash your hands.

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Tip #2: Wipe Down Regularly Used Items Often

When you find you have a few minutes to spare, grab some disinfectant spray or wipes and wipe down items that are regularly used. These can be remote controls, cellphones, laptops and any other item that is regularly touched by people in your home. It only takes a few minutes, but makes all the difference.

Tip #3: Wipe Down Surfaces

Countertops, coffee and dining room tables and railings are prominent germ hubs. Coronavirus can stay on hard surfaces, such as tables, telephones and desks, for up to 72 hours. Use a microfibre clothe and make a simple disinfecting solution using equal parts of warm water and vinegar or bleach.

Tip #4: The Kitchen is Extremely Important When It Comes to Sanitation

Obviously, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house when it comes to sanitation. If you place something infected on or touch, the counter, there is a good chance that the germs get onto foods, which are then consumed. Use the above disinfectant solution to ensure all surfaces are regularly wiped down. Raw foods placed on surfaces can leave traces of salmonella and other bacteria.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget Fabric-clad Furniture

In areas such as the living room and bedrooms, you need to remember to sanitise couches and bedding. This can be done by spraying these soft surfaces with disinfectant spray; ensure that you let it dry before using. A light spritz daily will do the trick and is recommended during the coronavirus outbreak.

Tip #6: Place Materials & Fabrics in the Sun

The sun is an extremely effective germ-killer, which is why many people place materials and fabrics outside in the sun regularly. These items can be mattresses, couches, curtains and carpets. Give them a quick disinfectant spray before placing them outside and the sun will ensure that all traces of bacteria and germs are removed

Tip #7: Give Your Floors a Weekly Disinfect

When washing floors, water and bleach or vinegar is a great combination. This solution will allow you to reach those difficult areas between tiles and in the corner that brooms and vacuums miss.

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