3 Ways to Know if Your Home Needs Slip Cover Couches

The condition of furniture in a living room can really make or break the overall appeal. Slip cover couches are designed to save you money on expensive upholstery cleaners and ensure that your couches look clean and new through all phases of your life. Kids, pets, and messy accidents are no match for these couches. Leisure Lounge are discussing couch covers and why you may need slip cover couches, as well as how you can benefit from them.

5 Rules to Follow When Decorating a Living Room

If you are currently planning or in the process of decorating a living room, you know what a challenging task it can be- especially if you have no experience. Leisure Lounge knows all the tricks on decorating a living room and are sharing the 5 rules to follow when doing so.

How to Throw a Stress-free End of Year Party

With the end of the year just around the corner, it is the season of festivities and that means parties! Throwing a part can be an extremely stressful occasion. Whilst everyone is having fun, you are thinking about everything that still needs to be done, what could go wrong, what hasn’t been done- the list goes on. Leisure Lounge love a good house party, which is why we are sharing 3 ways that you can throw an end of year party, stress-free!

Living Room Layout Mistakes

Are you currently decorating or redecorating your living room? Leisure Lounge know all the tricks on how you can get a flawless layout that works for pretty much any living room. Keep reading the blog post to learn our top tips.

4 Living Room Layout Mistakes to Avoid
Create the perfect living room layout by avoiding these 4 mistakes. For more home décor tips, visit the Leisure Lounge blog.

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