2017 Pantone Colour of the Year: Greenery

Spring foliage green is going to be the colour trend transforming your home in 2017 according to Pantone. The world-renowned authority on all things colour has introduced the tone ‘Greenery’ to its pallets. Executive Director of Pantone, Leatrice Eiseman, said the colour is symbolic of new beginnings and “the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose”. Discover how you can incorporate the luscious shade into your home…

What Colours Compliment Green Shades?

Green is a versatile colour and used cleverly it can bring the essence of the great outdoors into your living space. This tone is trans-seasonal; an evergreen hue that is both warm and subtle.  It will work well in combination with many colours, especially as a colourful contrast in rooms painted in neutral colours such as earthy browns, whites and pastel shades.  Vivid oranges, blues and deep indigos will be complimented by the addition of green, so there is a lot of room to explore how you can use green with other colours in your home.

Therapeutic Colours: Green’s Health Benefits

Introducing green into your home will have your décor looking on point, but beyond that it also has psychological and physical health benefits. This is unsurprising because we know that taking time to sit in a blooming garden or picnicking in the countryside is a balm to days spent in stark work environments.  Looking at green objects stimulates the bodies pituitary glands making the body relax and raising blood histamine levels. This will help your immune system fight of allergy symptoms, aid smoother muscle contractions and relieve stress.

Use Greenery: In Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is meant to be a haven and what better way to make this room an oasis of calm than by decorating with green? Get the colour of the year in your boudoir:

  • Not keen on having potted plants in your bedroom? Put up botanical themed paintings instead.
  • Throw cushions are an inexpensive way to carry the colour into your room. Mix light and dark greens cushions, play with different textures and sizes of pillows.
  • In love with forest-scapes? Create your own by painting walls grey or soft brown. Find curtains printed with florals or plant tendrils and add a leather headboard for the full effect.

Use Greenery: In Your Lounge:

Want a cool and relaxed space to wind-down? Pantone’s Greenery shade is perfect for living-rooms:

  • Go dramatic – put tall ornate pot plants in a corner or on either side of a doorway. Fill with ferns, aloes or flowering plants of your choice.
  • Add smaller furniture pieces like this green ottoman to your lounge. It will provide a colourful focal point in your lounge if your other furniture is in neutral shades.
  • Self-adhesive wall paper is an easy DIY solution to bland walls. Check out this palm leave patterned graphic you can have printed as wallpaper.

Ready to get decorating? Leisure Lounge has all your upholstered and leather furniture needs covered! Check out our online store today and browse to your hearts content…

2017 Style Tip: Standing Lamps

Elle Décor refers to standing lamps as ‘visual punctuation’ – while the main focus of your room might be a big leather sofa or a corner lounge suite, a standing lamp, small in comparison to your furniture pieces, adds a layered dimension to your room, and an extra focal point to draw the eye. Here’s how to use standing lamps to shed light onto your favourite Leisure Lounge furniture…

  • A retro standing lamp placed between two contemporary Ash occasional chairs makes a commanding statement
  • Asymmetry is interesting – place a standing lamp at one end of the sofa and a lamp on a side table at the other
  • Standing lamps not only make a visual statement, but provide excellent light for reading nooks
  • To create a warm, homely ambiance, turn down the overhead lights and let your standing lamp shine!
  • A vintage standing lamp next to your Florence fabric couch will give your lounge that luxe 1920s feel…

3 Design Tips for Open Plan Living Rooms

The team at Leisure Lounge love open plan living rooms, simply because there are so many diverse layout options you can use to optimize your home.

How to Design the Perfect Open Plan Living Room

Whether your living room is connected to your dining room and kitchen, or your entrance foyer, there are several open plan living room design tips that will ensure you optimize the open-plan layout that will best compliment your home. With this in mind, keep reading our blog for 3 simple design tips to keep in mind when designing your open plan living room.

Open Plan Living Room Design Tip #1: Ensure Your Living Room Style Matches Attached Rooms

When designing your living room, it is important that you consider the style and colour schemes of the attached rooms. If your living room is in open plan with your dining room and kitchen, ensure that there is a flow between the rooms and not a harsh contrast. It is advisable to select a colour scheme that works with all of the rooms connected to ensure that there is a smooth transition between areas.

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Open Plan Living Room Design Tip #2: Create a Barrier Between Rooms

When working with an open plan, it is important to differentiate where one room ends and the other begins. A typical barrier for a living room is a well-placed couch or sofa. A popular layout for a living room is a square; three sides being couches, loveseats, or chairs and the third being the television.

Finish off the room by placing an ottoman or coffee table in the centre of the square design. Another popular ‘room divide’ are indoor plants, which also contribute to the room’s décor, or different rugs to create ‘rooms’.

Open Plan Living Room Design Tip #3: Don’t Over-Furnish

You may think that you have way more space to play with when working with an open plan living room, however, you need to be careful not to over-furnish. Some of the most appealing open plan areas are minimalistic and clutter-free. If you don’t have an eye for interior decorating, stick to arranging the basics and slowly add more decorative pieces as you see fit.

Avoid placing too many objects in between rooms to ensure the divide is clear and space does not look overwhelming and cluttered. The furniture that you decide on should complement the other furniture in the vicinity and contribute to the flow of the room; think similar styles and complementing colours.

Get All Your Living Room Furniture from Leisure Lounge Today

Every home is different and there isn’t a ‘one-size fits all’ when it comes to open-plan layouts, however, Leisure Lounge can help you create the best possible design with custom-made living room furniture. Work with us to create furniture that is unique to your home and requirements. Contact us to discuss your ideas and get a quote.

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3 Dining Room Table Styles We Love

At Leisure Lounge, we believe that when it comes to the dining room, your dining room table is the main focal point. Therefore, it is so important that you find the right one for your home.

3 Dining Room Table Styles for Your Home

With such a large variety of dining room tables, it can be hard to pick the right one for your home, however, we have chosen 3 dining room table styles that we love and think you will too! Transform your dining room by selecting one of these popular dining room table styles for your home.

1. Riverwalk Dining Table

This dining room table, made from mahogany, is a classic design inspired by the 1800s. Offering ample seating, this table will suit almost any home interior and contribute to a classic finish. With numerous finishing options, this table can be customized to suit your preferences and home’s colour scheme, making it number 1 on our dining table list! Get yours here.

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2. Hemingway Dining Table

This traditional table is a great addition to any dining room. With a selection of sizes, their table is perfect for intimate family dinners and large dinner parties- it all depends on your preference. This table will give your dining room a more antique-feel and is the perfect choice if you are looking for something more traditional. Get yours here.

3. Bankside Trestle Table

Another table commonly made with solid mahogany wood, the bankside trestle table contains a trestle base design that we love. As the most casual table of the three, this table features a ‘picnic table’ style that is both casual and visibly appealing. Various finish options allow you to customize it to suit your interior preference and have it suited to your dining room. You can shop it here.

Get Your Dining Room Table from Leisure Lounge Today

If you liked the sound of any of the above-listed tables, you will be happy to hear that Leisure Lounge have all three of these dining room tables in stock now! Place your order today or call us with any queries.

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3 Living Room Trends We See Dominating in 2021

The New Year is almost upon us, so it’s out with the old and in with the new, especially when it comes to household décor trends. Leisure Lounge looks at the three living room decorating trends that you need to look out for in 2021.

The Leading Lounge Trends To Look For In 2021

The past year has been a strange one when it comes to decorating, since so many of us were confined to our homes for months on end. The trends that set in at the end of 2019 were pretty much here to stay during 2020. However, there has been definite progress towards the end of this year, as these three trends emerged and look set to dominate 2021. Read our blog for more expert decorating and furniture buying tips.

1. Multifunctional Spaces

The ‘new normal’ of 2020 has changed the way we approach everything from home to work. Our homes are no longer merely homes – they are also offices and classrooms. The way we furnish our houses needs to change accordingly. Living rooms are now multifunctional areas in which space needs to be maximised and dual-purpose furniture are needed. Seating doubles up as storage, or a fold-up desk emerges as you switch your lounge from leisure to work mode. Innovative designs are bringing all kinds of forms and function together.

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2. Blue Is The Colour…

Neutral colours were popular during 2019 and 2020. These are now fading out and being superseded by versatile, more pronounced colours such as blue and pink. Blue works perfectly for the bust, multifunctional spaces, bringing a much-needed sense of tranquillity.

3. Opulence And Maximalism

Living room design was already moving towards opulence in 2020. Occasional furniture, opulent lighting and fabrics such as velvet in navy blue, emerald greens, or with touches of grey, are all the rage.

Bring Your Living Room Up To Date With Leisure Lounge

We keep up with the trends and handcraft living room furniture to rival any in the world. Contact us or browse our range and find your 2021 look.

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3 of the Hottest Home Décor Prints in 2019

Prints in home décor go in and out of vogue like nothing else in interior design. These trends are constantly changing, and better yet, your own personal preferences can further manipulate bold ideas and tailor them to your space. Below, we have collected just three of the hottest home décor prints of 2019, which represent a wide, far reaching expanse of interior design tastes.


The direct opposite of minimalism, maximalism has been created to liberate the modern homeowner of the constraints associated with modern, minimalistic styling which has been in vogue for several years now. Maximalism emphasises the freedom to use bold colours, mixed prints and diverse textiles within a space, in an eclectic yet still sophisticated manner.


Botanical prints are still very popular, both as bold décor prints and as subtle suggestions hidden within a space. Botanical prints are featuring in wallpaper, artworks, scatter cushions and furniture upholstery, in home ranging from modern to minimalistic to boho chic in style.

Whether you want to make a statement or simply add some life to your space, consider a botanical print this year.

Global Patterns

Inspiration from around the globe converges in these prints: vibrant colours, rich textures, delicate craftsmanship and a graphic punch all come together in one textile, allowing you to add versatile and sophisticated design elements to your home. Global patterns make a wonderful addition to just about any style of living room or bedroom.

Our blog page features many more inspiring and informative articles about home décor, design trends, furniture best practices and advice. Don’t hesitate to contact us to chat about your design dreams and how we can help you bring your vision into reality.

3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Headboards

Headboards have gone in and out of fashion over the years, but in recent years their many favourable attributes have brought them back into the style limelight. Headboards create a physical barrier between one’s bed and the bedroom wall, and you wouldn’t believe how this simple addition can bring style and serenity back to a bedroom. Below, we have detailed just a few of the ways in which a headboard can add to your comfort.

1: Headboards are Fantastic Focal Points

From a design perspective, a headboard makes a wonderful addition to any bedroom, as it brings another element of design to the space. A sophisticated headboard creates a focal point around the bed, supplemented by decorative pillows and gorgeous throws. A headboard visually anchors your space, creating balance and harmony within and without. Use this opportunity to introduce another complementary colour to your bedroom, or enhance your existing colour palate with coordinated tones. Headboards: Your bed, but better!

2: Help Prevent Painful Headbutts

A practical advantage of having a headboard is the physical barrier it creates between your head and your bedroom wall. Every single person who positions their bed against a wall has, at some point, decided to crack their skull against the plaster, be it in dream or in poorly-judged consciousness. A lovely, cushioned headboard is worth its weight in gold when it comes to protecting your precious braincells from unceremonious banishment.

3: Comfortable Back Support in Bed

For those of you who enjoy sitting in bed on a lazy day reading their book or browsing the web, you know the struggle of getting the perfect height to depth ratio of pillow support. Unlike a cold, hard wall, your headboard immediately offers a cushioned backrest that you can supplement with comfy cushions to get just the right amount of incline. Nurse your aching back with a headboard, and notice the difference in your comfort immediately.

4: Headboards Stop Pillow Loss

Just as single mismatched socks end up in a strange, foreign land unbeknownst to mortal men, so our pillows go missing in the middle of the night, swallowed by the bed and somehow transported halfway down the passage. Headboards are rather skilled and keeping your pillows in place, comfortably folded between your head and the mattress.

The Leisure Lounge Selection

Head to the Leisure Lounge headboard tab to take your pick of our stylish and sophisticated headboards. Our fine furniture is built to last, and look good all the same. Contact us to chat about your furniture requirements, and we will get back to you promptly with our best solutions.

3 Reasons You Need a Slip Cover Couch

Possibly the best innovation in the home décor industry since the ottoman, the slip cover couch has been improving the lives of homemakers all over the world for years – and it’s easy to see why! With the festive season just around the bend, are your couches ready for the onslaught of grubby little hands and soaking wet bums? Here’s why you need a slip cover couch…

Your Couches Attract Mess

Is your lounge suite like a magnet for stains and dirt? Whether it happens thanks to little grimy hands and dirty bums, or thanks to your fur babies bringing half the soil in your garden indoors, chances are your couches are going to get dirty over time.

You can’t throw a couch into the washing machine, but you can its slip-on cover! Whoever invented the slip cover couch deserves a massive pat on the back from homemakers the world over.

Upholstery Cleaners are Expensive

Think about what it takes to clean a conventional couch. If you do it yourself, you’ll need to hire the machine and fluid and probably Google ‘how to clean a couch’ for step-by-step instructions. If you get someone in to do it for you, you’ll have to pay them a fee to do the dirty work.

Either way, your couch will have to stand in a warm, airy area to dry properly – rendering it unusable. With a slip cover couch, all you need is a working washing machine and some fabric softener.

You Love It When Things Change

Have you ever looked at your light-coloured lounge suite and thought, “I should have got you in navy blue”? Chances are you probably have, and that’s totally normal. It’s like regretting wearing white pants to a children’s birthday party.

The one big plus with slip cover couches is that they are totally customisable. You can get your slip cover couch with a lighter cover, which is perfect for the warmer months, and get an extra cover in a darker shade for winter or for when you know serious dirt is about to befall your lounge suite!

3 Space-Saving Hacks for Small Homes

If you’re downsizing and looking for ways to furnish your small home, you’ll be relieved to know that there are many creative ways to maximise your limited space. At Leisure Lounge, we have discovered 3 creative space-saving hacks that we just love; go on and give them a try.

3 Ways to Maximise a Small Space

When it comes to the interior design of your compact home, your first priority will be to create a space that is both comfortable and functional, being careful to avoid claustrophobic clutter.

1. Use an Old Chest or a Stack of Old Suitcases as Surface Space

Vintage suitcases have a retro visual appeal, but they can be so much more than just accents or ornaments. Stack suitcases in your room to make a striking bedside table, using them to store items you don’t need access to on a regular basis. You can use your linen kist or large wooden chest for more than a convenient storage solution; it can also double as an occasional table or coffee table to create a novel focal-point.

2. Repurpose Old Dresser Drawers as Bookshelves

This one is for the bibliophiles (and it doesn’t even require any DIY skills!). Old dresser drawers make excellent floating bookshelves. Whether you’re recycling your old chest of drawers or you’ve found a second-hand dresser online, your custom bookshelves will provide a neoteric storage solution that can be adjusted to your whim.

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3. Use Storage that Doubles as Seating

Since you spend most of your down-time seated, it is clear that maximising your seating space is key, especially in smaller homes where legroom is limited. The same can be said for sleeping space, which is vital but less entertainment-friendly. The sleeper couch is the ultimate multi-tasking space-saver, while ottomans provide seating space that doubles as discreet storage.

Find Your Ideal Statement Piece at Leisure Lounge Now!

When it comes to quality interiors, Leisure Lounge is the name to remember. For space-friendly furniture items that maximise and complement your home’s minimalist aesthetic, visit our online shop now!

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