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May 10, 2017
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If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably got a dining room table and a set of matching dining chairs in your home right now. The table and dining chairs you chose were perfect when you first needed mealtime seating arrangements, but you might have moved once or twice since then or redecorated your home – and you could be finding that your dining chairs don’t really suit the ambiance you’re trying to create in your dining room. If you’re wondering how to choose the right dining chairs for your home, you’ve landed on the right blog article! Take a seat, put your feet up, and enjoy…

Match Your Dining Chairs to Your Table

A natural wood dining room table truly is a beautiful thing, especially when paired with a set of stunning dining chairs that match your table’s wood variety or colour.

• For darker wood tables such as Ebony or Indian Rosewood, choose dining chairs featuring dark wooden parts like this elegant Boxy Carver dining chair.

• Light woods such as Ash or Maple truly brighten up a dining room, so match your light wood dining room table with this stunningly modest Carla dining chair.

Dining Chairs with Armrests vs. Dining Chairs Without

Dining chairs with armrests are perfect when hosting lengthy dinner parties, or if you’re not fond of elbows on the table! Some prefer their dining chairs without armrests, making them easier to slide onto or off of.

• Host a dinner party for days with this striking dark wood Cortina Carver, complete with comfortable arm rests at elbow height.

• Prefer the minimalist variety of dining chairs? This truly trendy Cortina in light wood is both comfortable and elegant.

Your Dining Chairs Should Reflect Your Unique Style

While you might be looking for new dining chairs to complete your dining room décor, don’t forget to choose ones that reflect your unique style and personality – even if just a little!

• Are you outgoing, eccentric and sometimes referred to as the life of the party? Then you’ll simply adore this exquisite Tall Carver with a beautifully bright floral fabric finish.

• Looking for a more regal, luxurious look in your dining room? Then this charismatic Tivoli dining chair is a serious contender!

• If you’re the type of host that wants dinner party attendees’ jaws dropping when they enter your dining room, then you’ll fall in love with this unique Signature Carver dining chair.

Get Stylishly Modern Dining Chairs in Durban

At Leisure Lounge, our dining chairs are made with padded seating and back rests for superior mealtime comfort. Like a dining chair you’ve read about here, but you’re not too fond of the material finishing? No problem! Visit our showrooms in Durban, Umhlanga or Hillcrest where we have our available dining chair material finishing options on display – allowing you complete control over your new dining chairs’ aesthetic finishing. Give one of our showrooms a call today and take the first step towards the dining room of your dreams!

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