Wikipedia defines a day bed as being “used as a bed as well as for lounging, reclining and seating in common rooms.”

We define a day bed simply as a living room décor essential!


Apart from the above-mentioned activities one can perform on a day bed, such as lounging with a good book or catching forty winks in the late afternoon sunshine, day beds are able to effectively tie all of your living space décor elements together.

So, while this article is titled ‘day bed decorating ideas’, we’re also touching on the decorating you can do around your day bed to effectively integrate it into your living space…

Fine-tune the Floor

The first thing your living space will need is a rug.

Colour choice will depend greatly on the style and colour scheme of your day bed, as well as the general vibe in your living space.

So, if your day bed looks something like this Deluxe Deep Button Daybed, you’ll want to match its regal monotone appearance with a rug that has a bit of detail on it.

If you prefer more eclectic-styled furniture in your living space, like this funky Rococo Daybed, choose a simple monotone rug that won’t draw the attention away from your gorgeous daybed.

Windows and Walls

Do we have a few decorating hacks for you!

Firstly, if you’re open to changing the colour of your living space’s walls, consider matching them as closely to your rug as possible. Wooden floors? Light blues work exceptionally well on the walls to contrast against the natural browns – trust us!

Secondly, when choosing curtains to perfectly accompany your daybed, hang them higher up on the wall than normal.


This gives the appearance of much larger windows, which helps to make the room feel a bit bigger.

Consider Your Cushions

Scatter cushions really only serve one purpose – to look good (or to make a daybed look better).

The cushions you choose will either make or break the look you’re trying to achieve.

So, use the 80/10/10 rule when choosing cushion colours.

80% of your cushions should match or closely match the colour scheme in your room.

10% of them should be a neutral colour like white, cream or grey.

The final 10% of your occasional daybed cushions should be finished in colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel.

To Throw or Not to Throw

It’s a tough decision to make – to use a throw or not.

If you do decide to use a throw, guests won’t be able to see your stunning daybed!

We recommend covering your daybed with a throw when not entertaining – this will protect the fabric from sun damage and keep it clean.

Just before your visitors arrive, simply fold up the throw and hang it over the daybed’s side.

This way, people who are sitting on your daybed know that they can grab the throw should they begin to feel a little chilly.

Side Table Essentials

The final element your daybed will need to cement its place in your living space is a side table.

Consider matching your side table to the style or finish of your coffee table (if you have one in your living area), and place it to the one side of your day bed.

Decorate your daybed side table with knick-knacks that sort of match the colour of your scatter cushions, and be sure to place an interesting book with lots of pictures for guests to flick through while relaxing on your daybed!