We survived the December 2017 holiday period, phew!

Did you have a holiday period hosting guests and stepping over extensive Christmas beds set up in your lounge?

Perhaps you had a holiday without much family around, where days of binging on Netflix and sugary snacks was how you saw the new year in.

Either way, we’ve got three reasons why you need a sleeper couch in your living space before the next holiday period rolls around…

You’ve Got Visitors Staying Over

You know how it goes. Whether you like it or not, you’ll be expected to host people over the June holidays and year-end festive season.

Whether it be just for lunch, or for a week thanks to your brother-in-law choosing the cheapest accommodation option (your house), chances are you’ll have to organise sleeping arrangements for one or two people.

With a sleeper couch like the Kenton in your lounge, your guests can go from sitting to sleeping in a matter of minutes – and they’ll have the television to entertain them through the night so you don’t have to!

Thanks to its generous width, the Kenton sleeper couch is able to sleep two average-sized adults comfortably.

You’ve Been Kicked Out of Bed

Gentlemen, we’re talking to you here!

We know the struggle; the dogs, cats, and even the African Grey decide to spend the night on your bed, leaving you just enough space to lie on your side with a cat’s bum in your face while you try to get to sleep.

Let’s face it – the tribe has spoken, and the island is just too small for the lot of you.

With a sleeper couch like the Ottoman Sleeper in your home, you’ll be able to rest easy in the living room while your significant other deals with the animal farm in your bedroom.

You Like a Good Movie Marathon

Picture this:

You arrive home late from work on a Friday night; it’s raining and the wind is threatening to uproot your entranceway pot plants.

Your significant other hasn’t taken anything out for dinner, which usually means take-outs are in order.

With a sleeper couch like the Bianca Sleeper positioned directly in front of your television, coupled with take-aways and a warm blanket, you have the makings of a perfect couch-cuddle movie marathon evening.

What’s more, should you fall asleep during the third Lord of the Rings, you won’t wake up with a crick in your neck come Saturday morning!