Decorating a room from scratch can be difficult. Many people hire someone or seek assistance from a friend simply because they think that they don’t have the eye for interior decorating. However, decorating a space is a lot easier than most believe. The Leisure Lounge team are sharing some of their favourite tips and tricks used to style a room from scratch.

4 Ways to Decorate a Room from Scratch

Start seeing your empty room as a blank canvas and visualise the endless potential that it has. Visit our blog for more tips on improving your home’s interior.

1. Choose a Decorating Style

A simple trick to this is to compare to the rest of the home and try to match it. For example, if the house is filled with white, cream and beige, you will want to continue that style. However, if the rest of the house hasn’t been decorated yet then browse the internet for interior styles that you like. Popular styles include farmhouse, minimalist, French country, Bohemian and modern.

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Start with the Biggest Part of the Room

The biggest part of the room is usually the most expensive. If you are styling your living room then this would be the lounge suite. Purchase a lounge suite that matches your style. Next you will want to purchase the rest of the large furniture to place around it; side tables, a centre coffee table, a tv and tv cabinet, etc. We recommend choosing items that suit the style of your home, but are neutral colours.

3. Choose a Colour Scheme

Once all the important furniture items have been given a place, it is time to decide what colour scheme would best suit the style of your furniture. Once you have a few ideas, visit your local hardware or paint store and collect a few colour samples to peruse. Try choose 2-3 complimentary colours to allow for some texture in the room.

4. Layer the Room Over Time

Adding the small details to a room is something that cannot be rushed. This needs to be done over time by adding an art piece here and a lampshade there. If you rush into purchasing smaller items, you may waste money by replacing the item when have found something better- take the time to shop around.

For Custom-made Home Furniture, Contact Leisure Lounge

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