Trends in homes styling come and go faster than you can say ‘Leisure Lounge’ but a few of them seem to be hanging around a little longer. Tailing onto the tropical trends of 2017, botanical prints are taking centre stage in many publications and style-guides worldwide. Further, 2018 seems to be the year of detailing, with mixed textures becoming a staple in the home. Leisure Lounge has put together the basics on how to incorporate these two trends into your lounge and living space.

Large Botanical Prints

A huge part of the botanical prints trend is, obviously, green. Green has made a huge impact on the home and furniture market in recent months, with millions of people looking for the perfect palm leaf pillows and cactus prints to incorporate into their homes. Remember, the larger the print, the more dramatic the statement. For a contemporary, simplistic lounge that needs a dose of colour, you could try our Elvis occasional chair, pictured below.

An occasional chair covered in large tropical leaves

Subtle Botanical Prints

If you feel that a more understated, neutral-toned print would suit your space a little better, then a subtle botanical print is for you. Think artisan outlines and sketches on beautiful neutral fabrics, tucked into the corners of your lounge. Leisure Lounge has a number of furniture items sporting botanical prints at the moment, including this stunning Kensington Wingback chair. The print delicately outlines protea flowers, bringing a South African edge to this regal piece of furniture.

A subtle botanical print adorns this regal Kensington Wingback chair

Great Bases for Texture

This year is all about mixing up textures and bringing out the finer details not only in your larger furniture pieces, but also in your fixtures and décor. Leisure Lounge has a number of gorgeous couches, chairs, ottomans and more to suit just about any taste, and paired with trendy metallics like bronze and copper, and woven throws, they are sure to transform your living space. Side note: wicker is making a huge comeback! Keep this old friend in mind when revamping your living space.

To keep up with the grey trend, you could consider our Chicago Couch in its stunning grey: imagine it paired with a clear acrylic end table, adorned with a modern copper lamp.

An on-trend grey couch from Leisure Lounge

Alternatively, we can just imagine our  Clifton or Modular suites with a chunky woven throw and botanical print scatters. Picture a simple white coffee table with a collection of brass-potted plants to compliment it and there you have it – an on-trend lounge suite to suit many tastes.

A neutral corner suite from Leisure Lounge
Home styling and décor has had many trends throughout the years, but the changes are moving more and more towards natural beauty and unashamed ‘risks’. Remember that big botanical prints are louder, whereas small or neutrally coloured prints add a subtle edge to your lounge area. Brass, copper, wicker, you name it and if it’s textured, it’s trendy! Whether brushed metals and a simple palette is up your alley, or you want to try out bold, statement pieces, Leisure Lounge has you covered.