The notorious area rug: some say you should, whilst some say you shouldn’t, but do any of them give you the tips and let you decide for yourself? We don’t want to stipulate how you should style your living space! An area rug can be a wonderful and stylish addition to any room, and we want to show you how to use an area rug effectively to yield the best and more classy results, should you decide to take the plush – I mean plunge!

Go Bigger, Not Smaller

Most people who venture into the world of area rugs are intimidated by size, because they don’t want to overdo it, but the most common mistake is to get an area rug that doesn’t suit the size of your space. All your small items of furniture should be able to fit entirely on the rug, whilst it should be big enough to fit under at least the front legs of your larger upholstered furniture items. Which brings us to our second point…

Front Legs on, Back legs off

The usual rule is to get at least the front legs of your major furniture items such as couches and occasional arm chairs, set on the area rug. The back legs can happily extend outwards, which actually helps to open the space and blend your living area nicely. If your major furniture items are still fairly compact, there is no reason why you can’t put some with all four legs on the rug.

Cover High-Traffic Areas

Homeowners often use area rugs in their entrance halls or other high-traffic areas, and to good effect. It is comfortable and pleasant to walk into a well decorated room with a rug, provided that the area rug covers the entire walk space, so that people can comfortably walk with both feet on the carpet, without having to step off.

Create Conversation Areas

Area rugs are often used to create the feeling of separate spaces, in an otherwise open plan room. For example, placing an area rug in your open plan dining room can help make it feel like a separate space, and therefore ambiance, to that of the kitchen.

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