3 Winter-Inspired Styles to Try in Your Home

As we approach the middle of the year and the cooler season that it brings and bid farewell to hot summer nights in exchange for cozy evenings indoors, there’s no better time to take another look at your home’s interior design and find trending ways to adapt to the seasonal shift.

If you’re ready to re-style your space in time for the shift in season, these 4 winter aesthetic trends will help you along.

1. Warm, Earthy Tones

Natural hues and earthy tones such as terracotta, ochre, oatmeal and dusty rose are all the rage in 2019 and represent the quintessential warm-and-cozy design palette. Opt for art and furniture pieces, wall and textile prints and home décor that alludes to sand dunes and on-trend desert vibes to tie together a warm and welcoming organic aesthetic.

2. Eye-Catching Statement Pieces

If you are not a huge fan of change, you will be happy to learn that you can exponentially improve the look and feel of a space by adding a single statement furniture item that instantly pulls your focus to create an interesting space.

Whether you opt for a new statement chair, a striking piece of art or trendy lighting, your statement piece will upgrade your space and serve as a great conversation starter to boot.

3. Round Furniture Features

Our final favourite style this winter is the rise of circular focal pieces. Round furniture items add sophisticated sweeping curves to any room, creating a cozy and relaxing environment.
Dining tables don’t have the monopoly on curves; our ottomans, coffee tables and even chairs and couches with curved edges create aesthetically-pleasing interior drama that suits any home in winter.

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