3 Dining Room Table Styles We Love

At Leisure Lounge, we believe that when it comes to the dining room, your dining room table is the main focal point. Therefore, it is so important that you find the right one for your home.

3 Dining Room Table Styles for Your Home

With such a large variety of dining room tables, it can be hard to pick the right one for your home, however, we have chosen 3 dining room table styles that we love and think you will too! Transform your dining room by selecting one of these popular dining room table styles for your home.

1. Riverwalk Dining Table

This dining room table, made from mahogany, is a classic design inspired by the 1800s. Offering ample seating, this table will suit almost any home interior and contribute to a classic finish. With numerous finishing options, this table can be customized to suit your preferences and home’s colour scheme, making it number 1 on our dining table list! Get yours here.

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2. Hemingway Dining Table

This traditional table is a great addition to any dining room. With a selection of sizes, their table is perfect for intimate family dinners and large dinner parties- it all depends on your preference. This table will give your dining room a more antique-feel and is the perfect choice if you are looking for something more traditional. Get yours here.

3. Bankside Trestle Table

Another table commonly made with solid mahogany wood, the bankside trestle table contains a trestle base design that we love. As the most casual table of the three, this table features a ‘picnic table’ style that is both casual and visibly appealing. Various finish options allow you to customize it to suit your interior preference and have it suited to your dining room. You can shop it here.

Get Your Dining Room Table from Leisure Lounge Today

If you liked the sound of any of the above-listed tables, you will be happy to hear that Leisure Lounge have all three of these dining room tables in stock now! Place your order today or call us with any queries.

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