3 of the Hottest Home Décor Prints in 2019

Prints in home décor go in and out of vogue like nothing else in interior design. These trends are constantly changing, and better yet, your own personal preferences can further manipulate bold ideas and tailor them to your space. Below, we have collected just three of the hottest home décor prints of 2019, which represent a wide, far reaching expanse of interior design tastes.


The direct opposite of minimalism, maximalism has been created to liberate the modern homeowner of the constraints associated with modern, minimalistic styling which has been in vogue for several years now. Maximalism emphasises the freedom to use bold colours, mixed prints and diverse textiles within a space, in an eclectic yet still sophisticated manner.


Botanical prints are still very popular, both as bold décor prints and as subtle suggestions hidden within a space. Botanical prints are featuring in wallpaper, artworks, scatter cushions and furniture upholstery, in home ranging from modern to minimalistic to boho chic in style.

Whether you want to make a statement or simply add some life to your space, consider a botanical print this year.

Global Patterns

Inspiration from around the globe converges in these prints: vibrant colours, rich textures, delicate craftsmanship and a graphic punch all come together in one textile, allowing you to add versatile and sophisticated design elements to your home. Global patterns make a wonderful addition to just about any style of living room or bedroom.

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