3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Headboards

Headboards have gone in and out of fashion over the years, but in recent years their many favourable attributes have brought them back into the style limelight. Headboards create a physical barrier between one’s bed and the bedroom wall, and you wouldn’t believe how this simple addition can bring style and serenity back to a bedroom. Below, we have detailed just a few of the ways in which a headboard can add to your comfort.

1: Headboards are Fantastic Focal Points

From a design perspective, a headboard makes a wonderful addition to any bedroom, as it brings another element of design to the space. A sophisticated headboard creates a focal point around the bed, supplemented by decorative pillows and gorgeous throws. A headboard visually anchors your space, creating balance and harmony within and without. Use this opportunity to introduce another complementary colour to your bedroom, or enhance your existing colour palate with coordinated tones. Headboards: Your bed, but better!

2: Help Prevent Painful Headbutts

A practical advantage of having a headboard is the physical barrier it creates between your head and your bedroom wall. Every single person who positions their bed against a wall has, at some point, decided to crack their skull against the plaster, be it in dream or in poorly-judged consciousness. A lovely, cushioned headboard is worth its weight in gold when it comes to protecting your precious braincells from unceremonious banishment.

3: Comfortable Back Support in Bed

For those of you who enjoy sitting in bed on a lazy day reading their book or browsing the web, you know the struggle of getting the perfect height to depth ratio of pillow support. Unlike a cold, hard wall, your headboard immediately offers a cushioned backrest that you can supplement with comfy cushions to get just the right amount of incline. Nurse your aching back with a headboard, and notice the difference in your comfort immediately.

4: Headboards Stop Pillow Loss

Just as single mismatched socks end up in a strange, foreign land unbeknownst to mortal men, so our pillows go missing in the middle of the night, swallowed by the bed and somehow transported halfway down the passage. Headboards are rather skilled and keeping your pillows in place, comfortably folded between your head and the mattress.

The Leisure Lounge Selection

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