3 Springtime Furniture Trends to Try

With the weather beginning to get warmer and flowers blooming, why not update your home’s interior to complement this beautiful season.

3 Furniture Trends for Springtime

Inspire yourself with Leisure Lounge’s top three spring furniture trends and welcome spring into your home all year round! Here are 3 of our favourite springtime furniture trends that you can try in your home.

1. Unique Pieces

The biggest trend in interior décor this season is unique furniture pieces. Unique by design, colour and pattern, furniture pieces that are different and uncommon are fast becoming a popular trend. Besides the fun you can have searching for pieces that are hard to find, yet complimentary for your home, you can combine light, bright, antique and modern themes throughout your home.

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2. Wabi Sabi

This home trend is dominating interior this season. If you are unfamiliar with this term, wabi-sabi refers to all kinds of aesthetically flaw-filled décor; this can be handmade ceramic decorative pieces, frayed couch-throws, mismatched bedding, white-washed furniture and numerous other flawed decors that stray away from the modern, minimalistic trend and contribute to a homely, cosy interior.

3. Tropical Theme

This theme is becoming more popular by the day. You may have noticed tropical-themed décor appearing in more and more stores, this is because it is anticipated to be the most popular theme of the season. From wallpaper to framed pictures, to indoor pot plants, tropically themed décor is bound to brighten up your home and leave it feeling like spring all year round. Furniture that is white, brown or green goes perfectly with this theme and can add to the natural aesthetic of the room.

Get Your Springtime Furniture from Leisure Lounge Today

Now that you have read through three of the top trends, it is time to choose one that would best suit your home. Furnish your home with the help of Leisure Lounge by calling us today and let us know what spring-inspired furniture you are looking for.

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