3 Timeless Interior Decor Trends We Love

Interior design and decor styles may fade in and out of fashion, there are some design trends and elements with style that never times out.

Classic Design Elements that Stand the Test of Time

If you are going for a classic aesthetic in your home that endure for some time without becoming dated or passé, then keep these 3 rules of thumb in mind.

1. Keep It Simple, Sweetie

The first rule of creating an aesthetic that will endure for years, is to lay a foundation of clean, simple lines and neutral colours – think less is more. While trends come and go, simple, open and functional layouts will always age well. A few new furniture items or fresh coat of paint can transform the space enough to make it feel classic but brand new – at any time. Stick to neutral colours instead of the trendy palette of the year, opting rather for novel artworks or textured furniture pieces that will pop against the subtle backdrop and can be replaced when their novelty wears off.

2. Consider Both Function & Form

When it comes to both the architecture and the interior decor of your home, form should always follow function. When your home is designed with functionality in mind, your items and areas will serve a purpose. Consider your lifestyle needs, how you entertain and how you complete your tasks around the home before you take aesthetic into account, and your home won’t require constant redesigns by the time you realise that not every beautiful thing is practical. Multifunctional furniture items for you to consider that are as useful as they are stylish include ottomans, slip-cover couches, occasional tables and sleeper couches.

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3. Opt for Quality Over Quantity

Quality is definitely the aim of the game if you are going for a timelessly-classic look, so choosing the right furniture items is paramount. While a clean and subtle backdrop is vital, the effect will be wasted if it is not coupled with high-quality furniture pieces, materials and textures, such as leather furniture items, or stylish couches and lounge suites. Quality pieces add character and prestige to the space, whereas low-budget items start looking shabby in a short space of time, bringing down the overall aesthetic of the room.

Browse Leisure Lounge’s Timelessly-Stylish Furniture Online

While personal tastes will vary, timeless interior style can be achieved by using these universal rules. Check out our online store to find a timeless piece to complement your classic style, or get in touch with us if you need more advice.

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