3 Ways to Use Occasional Chairs

Believe it or not, occasional chairs have numerous uses and benefits.

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What Are Occasional Chairs Good For?

There are many benefits of using occasional chairs in and around your home, which the Leisure Lounge will talk you through. Keep reading the blog to discover 3 things that occasional chairs are good for.

1. Optional Seating

Occasional chairs also, referred to as accent chairs, can be strategically placed around your home to create the option for additional seating. Due to being strategically placed around various rooms, the chairs do not look out-of-place, they are blended into the room’s theme to give guests the option to sit down around the house. This is an obvious thing that occasional chairs are good for; however, it is important you know occasional chairs do not need to be hidden until needed.

2. Placement Features

When using occasional chairs, whether it is for functionality or to add a ‘wow’ factor to the venue where the chair is being used, the next important purpose of occasional chairs is a placement feature. If you’re using the chairs for their pure function of creating extra seating, make sure that you aren’t just randomly placing chairs around the space, resulting in it feeling cluttered and busy.

If you’re using the occasional chair as a placement feature, ensure that you choose a placement for the chair that ensures that it adds to the ambience and aesthetical component of the venue and does not detract from this.

3. Creative Decor

When choosing an occasional chair, it is important to be creative but also conscious of the space your filling. Occasionally chairs are great props to test your creativity on around your home. Firstly, it is important to be colour conscious; you want the chair to stand out and catch your guests’ attention, or go for something more neutral and timely, that will look good in almost any setting.

When selecting colour, shape and material for your occasional chairs it is important to take the style of the room into account, look at furniture that’s already in use, their shape and colours. By doing so you can ensure that you make a choice that compliments and adds to the overall look of your interior, making your chair versatile and not just a token piece that you can only use once.

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Get Your Occasional Chairs from Leisure Lounge Today

Hopefully, by now, you are inspired to add some extra decorative features to your home. Call Leisure Lounge today and let us know what kind of occasional chair you are looking for or browse our chair range on our website and to get a better idea on what would look good in your home.

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