5 Benefits of Scotchguarding Your Furniture

Keeping your household furniture and upholstery clean can be a difficult task, it is often time-consuming, costly, and exhausting. Scotchguard is a spray that places a protective layer over furniture without changing the feel or overall appearance of the fabric, it is also a service that Leisure Lounge offers. There are so many benefits of Scotchguarding your furniture and upholstery – who doesn’t want to keep their furniture looking clean and new for as long possible?

Why Is Scotchguarding A ‘Must’ For Your Furniture?

Here are 5 benefits of scotchguarding your furniture and why we suggest you get it done as soon as possible.

Benefit of Scotchguarding #1: Furniture Protection

Scotchguard is a product that works by adding a protective seal over the object you are wanting to preserve and protect from damage. The protective layer prevents dirt, mold, bacteria from staining your couch, as well as protects it from liquid based stains like water, oil, and juice. Scotchguard can be used on most household furniture items, including tables, dining room chairs, rugs, carpets, couches, headboards, throw pillows and even items of clothing. The best thing about this product is that it does not change the look or feel of your furniture or upholstery, it is almost magical.
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Benefit of Scotchguarding #2: Scotchguard Improves Your Indoor Air Quality

Another great benefit of Scotchguarding is that it can improve the air quality in your house. The build-up of bacteria and dirt in your couches, carpets and rugs can lead to compromised air-quality which can often result in allergies and other respiratory issues. The protective layer of Scotchguard prevents this build-up of bacteria and ensures that the air quality in your house is always fresh and dust-free.

Benefit of Scotchguarding #3: Furniture is Easier to Clean

Cleaning furniture and upholstery is a task that can be draining. By using Scotchguard it becomes easier to remove typically stubborn stains. The protective layer of Scotchguard makes it difficult for dirt and stains to attach to the fibres in your carpet and other upholstery, which even makes the simple task of vacuuming easier.

Benefit of Scotchguarding #4: You Can Prolong the ‘Just Cleaned’ Look

Every homeowner loves to see that ‘just cleaned’ look around their home. Scotchguarding provides an additional protective layer that will ensure your furniture will stay cleaner for longer. Unfortunately, we tend to spend hundreds of Rands paying professional cleaning services, only to have their work disappear in a month or two. If you scotchguard your furniture shortly after having it professionally cleaned, you can preserve that ‘just cleaned’ look for months!

Benefit of Scotchguarding #5: It is Budget-Friendly

Not only does Scotchguarding protect your furniture and upholstery from regular cleaning and/or replacement, it can also save you money in the long run. The protective layer applied to the surface allows for the furniture to remain cleaner for longer, helping you save money on expensive cleaning services. Scotchguard can also save you from paying for big problems caused by bacteria and mould build-ups.

Keep Your Furniture Safe with Leisure Lounge

When you purchase furniture, you are investing in an item that will be part of your family for years to come. At Leisure Lounge, our furniture is custom-made to suit all your family’s needs. We are also an approved Scotchguard agent and can ensure only the best quality for your furniture. Call us today should you require more information or learn more about product care here.
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