5 Furniture Arrangement Tips for Maximising Bedroom Space

At Leisure Lounge, we get that with so many storage hacks on the internet, it is possible to reduce clutter and maximise space in almost any room. However, due to bedrooms often being largely occupied by the bed, additional space is limited and requires strategic arrangement to ensure that you are making the most out of what you have.

How to Maximise Space in Your Bedroom

Sometimes decluttering is just not enough, which is why we are sharing the top bedroom space furniture arrangement tips to help you fit more into your room without it feeling too cramped. Keep reading the blog as we divulge 5 tips on furniture arrangement to get the most out of your bedroom space.

Bedroom Arrangement Tip #1: Limit Yourself to the Necessities

When arranging your bedroom furniture, think carefully about what you need to have in your room. Avoid wasting space with unnecessary pieces that can be placed somewhere else. It is a waste of space to have a hefty dressing table, when your en-suite bathroom has a perfectly fine vanity mirror equipped with storage space for make-up, or to squeeze in a desk when you have an office. Make sure that the furniture in your room cannot be placed somewhere else in your home.

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Bedroom Arrangement Tip #2: Put Your Bed Against the Wall

If you have an exceptionally small bedroom and need to optimize the space you have, placing your bed up against the wall as opposed to in the centre of the room will give the room a far bigger look. This is because you are leaving the majority of the floor space open, giving you the freedom to arrange additional furniture however you would like. Placing the bed in the centre of the room limits your options on where extra furniture can go- furniture will also be closer to each other, making the space more cramped.

Bedroom Arrangement Tip #3: Find Practical Solutions for Bulky Furniture

Many space issues can be solved with a bit of brainstorming. Once you have determined what you must have in your room, think of ways to reduce the amount of space they will take up. Avoid large tv cabinets by mounting the tv on the wall or install classy floating shelves instead of having a bulky bookshelf.

Bedroom Arrangement Tip #4: Draw Up the Different Layout Possibilities

To get a more accurate idea on how the room will look with different layouts, do a few basic sketches. This will save you the trouble of moving and re-moving heavy furniture in placements that don’t work. Drawing different layout options will help you write-off the options that don’t work before you have to break a sweat.

Bedroom Arrangement Tip #5: Work with What You Have

As tempting as it is to purchase new items for a bedroom make-over, we urge you to wait until you have found a permanent spot for the items you already have. Many people make the mistake of impulse buying items they think will look great in their new room without assessing how much space they will have left after arranging the furniture they already have, making their room even more cramped. Save the shopping spree for once everything has its own place.

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