5 Furniture Items Every Modern Living Room Needs

When creating a modern living room and choosing your furniture items, functionality, and comfort is key. Nothing is more important than choosing your furniture items correctly, which includes the right size, shape and fit for your own space. While comfort is essential, you always need to be able to enjoy the aesthetic and feel of your new furniture, too, which is why it’s always a good idea to plan out the right items needed for your living room.

Essential Lounge Furniture for Your Modern Living Room

We’ve chosen five important pieces for your modern living space, to help you create the room you want and deserve. Our blog has plenty of more furniture and design tips for your home.

1. A Corner Suite

Perhaps the essential item for a living space is the main seating. You need a couch which is comfortable and inviting, and which serves as the focus for your seating area. Corner suites are perfect for modern spaces, as they add more of an interesting shape as well as offering more seats for guests (or, just more room for you to spread out!).
The shape of corner suites also means that you can more easily border off a specific area of the room.

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2. Ottoman

Ottomans are fantastic for any size of the room, because they can do so many things. Ottomans can function as extra seating for busy gatherings, can be used as a footstool to pair with your couch, or even be used as a table for extra storage. This adaptability means any modern space would be incomplete without one.

3. Occasional Chair

These chairs add practicality in the form of extra seating, but they also provide an opportunity for creative design. Occasional chairs are perfect for choosing a more vivid or colourful fabric design to make them stand out in contrast to the rest of the room.

4. Occasional Table

If you would like an attractive table but wouldn’t like to set it out in the centre of the space all the time, occasional tables are perfect to be easily moved or stored to one side. The simple and modern design means you can always have a place for items like drinks or ornaments, whenever you need.

5. A Day Bed

You never know when you might need extra sleeping arrangements, especially if you enjoy guests staying over. These bed options mean that you can have comfortable seating during the day and extra sleeping space for guests at night. They also look extremely luxurious when covered in complementary throw pillows.

Make Your Living Room Truly Yours with Leisure Lounge’s Custom-Made Furniture

The perfect modern living room requires comfortable seating and adaptable items so that your space can always be what you need it to be. Contact us to discuss any custom-made furniture requirements you have; we can provide all the key living room ideas listed above, plus many more.

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