5 Interior Design Mistakes You Want to Avoid

With so many options available to homeowners preparing to redecorate their homes, interior design can be breathtaking – but sometimes it can go terribly wrong. There are various decorating faux pas that even the most seasoned designers fall victim to at times.

5 Decor Blunders You Don’t Want to Make

If you steer clear of these common decoration pitfalls, your space can look polished and refined, no matter how experienced you may be at kitting out a space. Here are five of the most common mistakes you’d be wise not to make.

1. Not Having a Plan

Skipping the planning stage is by far the biggest mistake you can make, for a few reasons. One example of how lack of planning can go wrong is buying an adorable new piece of furniture online or off the showroom floor, only to discover too late that it neither fits nor matches the room you intended it for. In order to ensure a free flow of traffic, adequate storage, surface and seating space as well as an overall look, it is vital to have a space plan in place to plan your room.

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2. Cramming Furniture Against the Wall

While this is quite a common mistake and an easy one to make, it is the wrong way to make a room appear spacious. Instead, it creates an awkward empty space in the centre of the room which is unwelcoming and not at all cosy, particularly in larger rooms. Floating furniture pieces can add functionality and enhance your focal point while adding character and depth to the space.

3. Going Too Monochromatic

This is an easy mistake to make, especially if you are new at interior design and you want to play it safe. While selecting a theme or colour scheme is great, being too married to a singular hue or just neutrals can look boring and washed out without some contrast or textures to infuse drama, add energy or provide visual interest.

4. Not Using a Focal Point

A fairly common interior decor mistake, not creating a focal point can leave a room feeling awkward and chaotic, with no clear lack of purpose. Whether it’s a TV, a fireplace or an artwork, creating a focal area on which to centre your furniture makes the space feel balanced and inviting.

5. Hoarding

While disposing of belongings with sentimental value can be extremely difficult, especially if it once cost you a lot of money, your home will become very cluttered and claustrophobic over time if you do not regularly clear out old items that you no longer use or need.

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In conclusion, ensure that your choices meet their intended purpose, that you take correct measurements, and that you keep existing schemes and pieces in mind before making big new purchases. If you’re looking for timeless furniture to suit any space or taste, browse our full range of products now or get in touch to find out more.

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