5 Living Room Decor Ideas You Can DIY

If you are wanting to change up your living room but can’t be bothered with a lengthy, expensive revamp then we have just the thing for you. Living room décor has such an effect of the overall look and feel of a room, why not DIY a few décor changes to give your living room a whole new dimension? Leisure Lounge have 5 simple living room décor ideas to give you a change of scenery.

Simple Living Room Décor You Can Do Yourself

Here are a few simple living room décor ideas that you can do yourself. For more inspo for your living room, visit our blog.

1. Layered Rugs

Rugs not only make your room significantly cosier by having a soft surface to walk and sit on, but also serve as a form of art. These simple items have the power to tie a whole room together and layering allows for a variety of elements to be displayed. We recommend getting a few plain rugs and layering them with other pattered rugs to suit your room’s colour scheme.

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2. Add Plants

This is a quick and effortless way to make a room ‘pop’. If you have a living room governed by neutral tones, the splash of colour brought by plants is always an attractive addition. If your room is busier, plants still are a great way to add natural colour.

3. A Ladder Shelf

These are super cute and a proper DIY for those who enjoy a good project. Simply find a wooden step ladder, paint and/or varnish it the colour of your choice and set it up in the corner or where you have some free space; you now have a super cute, cost-effective shelf. Fill it with a few books, small pot plants and a vase or two.

4. Mix a Variety of Styles

Don’t be afraid to mix up a variety of different styles, if you feel they go together. Who says that you can’t go in the boho direction and hang a rug on the wall, whilst simultaneously sticking to the minimalistic neutral colour tones? There are no rules when it comes to decorating your home.

5. Add a Personal Touch

If you want to avoid your room looking too ‘show room’ or overly manufactured. Adding family photos or art on the wall gives the room a unique touch that will make it feel instantly more homely. If you have other hobbies, such as knitting blankets or making pottery, why not have those on display too? Never get so caught up in designing your house that you forget to make a home.

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