5 Living Room Remodel Ideas to Consider for 2021

Remodelling your living room is an excellent New Year’s resolution. What better way to set fresh intentions and create a new space for year ahead, than by recreating the room in which your family spends most of your time together. Leisure Lounge looks at the five living room decorating trends that you need to look out for in 2021.

The leading lounge trends to look for in 2021

If you are on a mission to redecorate your living room this New Year, think about these broad remodelling ideas. Read our blog for more expert decorating and furniture buying tips.

1. Open Up the Space

Your living room should be a space of lightness, freedom, relaxation and even inspiration. Choose furnishings and finishes that make for the most open, unlimited area. These could include smooth, cabinet fronts with no unnecessary details, tasteful use of reflective surfaces, and giving careful thought to how you position and space different pieces out across the room.

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2. Incorporate New Technology

The furniture industry – and thus your decorating choices – are increasingly moving towards the integration of high-tech solutions, moving towards the creation of ‘smart homes.’ There are lots of exciting innovations in this regard, which you should include in your design choices this year. These include new climate control systems (a great addition if you don’t already have one), smart lighting that you can control from your comfortable seat, and armchairs that come with speakers, phone chargers and other handy gadgets.

3. Choose Ergonomic Designs

The modern living room is all about making the most of the available space, including clever, dual-purpose furnishings and other innovations that enable you to organise your space more efficiently. These might include folding tables, tables built into couches, and storage systems built into furniture.

4. Opt for Natural Materials and Textures

In 2020 and 2021, designers are turning increasingly back to natural textures. The endlessly versatile possibilities of these materials mean that they can easily be incorporated into your living room, regardless of your specific style. Wood, copper, brushed brass, chrome, stone, and glass can all elevate your lounge aesthetic to new levels.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Express Your Personality

Finally, remember to make your living room your own. It’s fine to keep an eye on the trends and try to incorporate them into your design but remember that this is your space and must reflect your tastes and eccentricities. Do not be afraid to explore and express your personal style.

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