5 Novel & Practical Uses for Ottomans

Ottoman’s are a classic item of furniture, however, over time they tend to get shoved into a corner and forgotten about. There are so many novel and practical uses for ottomans, you have no reason to have it tucked away collecting dust.

How to Make Use of Your Ottoman

Add an extra element to your home by strategically placing and making use of your ottoman and letting this timeless item of furniture have its moment. Instead of taking up space in your home, here are 5 novel and practical ways you can use your ottoman.

1. A Footrest

The most obvious and practical uses for an ottoman is a footrest. This use will never go out of style. Who doesn’t like coming home after a long day of work and being able to stretch their feet out in front of them? Forgot using a coffee table to prop your feet on, indulge yourself by having an item of furniture specifically for the purpose of putting your feet on.

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2. Additional Seating

If you are known to regularly have guests, but no space to seat them then an ottoman is a great quick fix. They can act as a footrest or be stored under another chair when used and pulled out when needed. It is a good idea to have your ottoman on wheels to make it easier to manoeuvre for guests, especially if your living room has a carpet you don’t want to be damaged by constant pushing and pulling.

3. A Storage Unit

Most ottoman’s have the seat on a hinge so that it can be opened to store items in the middle. This is a great idea to remove unwanted clutter from your living room that you cannot do without. Keep your extra remote controls, family games or extra blankets hidden away until needed to avoid unwanted items ruining the aesthetic of the room.

4. A Kid-Friendly Activity Station

Most ottomans are made out of pretty durable materials, making them a perfect play station for your little ones. Whether they want to run their cars along the surface, hop up ad down or use it as a puzzle board. Unlike wooden tables, the materials are usually tough enough to weather the typical tornado that comes with having children; you can relax and let them play.

5. A Coffee Table

A great use for an ottoman is a makeshift coffee table. Coffee tables are generally lower than the seater, thus an ottoman is a perfect height. Use the surface for tea trays, decorative flowers or coffee table books. Using an ottoman as a centre table will give a historic, elegant feel to the room.

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