5 Reasons to Love Headboards

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Our team at Leisure Lounge love headboards! These bedroom features are great decorative pieces that can instantly transform your bedroom, giving it a whole new look in minutes.

5 Reasons Why Headboards are a Great Bedroom Feature

If you are not yet convinced on the decorative power that headboard hold, we have compiled a list of benefits of headboards and why we love them- and why you should too! Keep reading the blog to discover the top 5 reasons why our team love headboards so much.

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1. Your Headboard Doesn’t Take Up Much Room

One of the many benefits of having a headboard is the fact that it is an impactful decorative piece; however, it takes up minimal space. Rather than add a whole antique chest of drawers, for example, if the room is fairly small, an antique-looking headboard will give the same effect without taking as much space- super convenient.

2. Headboards Are Customisable

It may take a while to find a headboard that is perfect for your bedroom, this is because you need to find one that suits the bed’s size, room theme and colour. Luckily, colour is rarely an issue as a headboards colour can be upholstered in the fabric of your choice.

3. A Headboard Can Hold Other Decorative Pieces or Features

Whilst headboards are fine decorative features by themselves, they can also be used to display other decorative pieces. A popular additional fixture is stringing fairy lights around or through the headboard for a cosy glow in the evenings; this gives the room romantic lighting for adults or serves as a nightlight for children.

4. Your Headboard Can Adapt with Your Taste

One of the super convenient things about a headboard is because they are so easy to move and find, it is hardly a hassle to simply change one out for another when you need a change or are changing the theme of your room. Changing from an antique-styled bedroom to a modern one? No problem; replace your old one with a sleek and simple one to complete the look.

5. Headboards Double as a Backrest

If you enjoy watching movies or reading in bed, you need a headboard! Headboards are not only great decorative pieces, but they are also great backrests. Rather than lean against a cold, hard wall, a headboard will hold your pillows in place for you to prop yourself up for those long cosy evenings in bed.

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Get Your Headboard from Leisure Lounge Today

Are you convinced yet? If you are, then it is time to choose a headboard that best matches your taste and bedroom décor. Call Leisure Lounge or visit our website today to find a headboard perfect for you, and perfect for your bedroom- we have enough to please the whole family!

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