5 Rules to Follow When Decorating a Living Room

If you are currently planning or in the process of decorating a living room, you know what a challenging task it can be- especially if you have no experience. Leisure Lounge knows all the tricks on decorating a living room and are sharing the 5 rules to follow when doing so.

Rules for Decorating Your Living Room

Here are 5 rules to guide you in decorating your living room. For more tips on decorating your home, visit our blog page.

Rule #1: Stick to the Focal Point

When decorating a living room, pick a natural focal point and stick to it. This can be a fireplace, an art piece or entertainment area. Choose your focal area and have a few furniture items facing it. This focal point is the first thing eyes are naturally drawn to upon entering a room.

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Rule #2: Add a Rug

Rugs are a great way to layer a room by adding texture and dimension. A rule of thumb is that a rug should be big enough to at least go under the front legs of furniture.

Rule #3: Consider Traffic Flow

When decorating your living room, it is easy to get carried away. Don’t forget to account for moving space when placing your furniture. Make sure that there are enough gaps for smooth entrances and exits- you don’t want to feel like you are squeezing along a plane aisle in your own living room.

Rule #4: Create Symmetry

A great way to create a tidy living room is by creating a certain degree of symmetry. This can be done by matching couches facing each other, side tables on opposite sides of the room facing each other and so on. Symmetry is a simple way to create a space that feels both organised and comfortable.

Rule #5: Layer Your Lighting

To create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, layered lighting is extremely important. Many people do not understand what is meant by layered lighting. This term is used to describe an array of lights in a room to make it appear warm, bright and inviting. You need to incorporate wall lights, ceiling lights and different size lamps to achieve a successfully layered room.

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