5 Small Living Room Ideas for Saving Space

Having a small living room is not a design disaster if you have the right tips and tricks to help you! Even the humblest of abodes can be transformed into a smart and stylish space for you and your family to enjoy. These 5 small living room ideas for saving space will help you to do just that…

Use Ottomans as Extra Seating

Our first tip for saving space in the lounge is also the simplest: use ottomans to create extra seating for times when your loveseat just isn’t enough! Ottomans are a versatile item of furniture, perfect for footrests, creating additional seating and also adding an interesting design element to your lounge! Bonus: If you put a pretty tray on top of an ottoman, it can function as a makeshift coffee table too. Talk about an all-rounder.

Nguni Ottomans in a Lounge

Incorporate Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is the way forward for small living spaces, especially the lounge. When your floor space is limited, you want your furniture to prove its worth in as many ways as possible. We suggest using sleeper couches as a dynamic lounge piece, doubling as stylish seating and as additional sleeping space for guests.

While you’re at it, consider our Cubed Wooden Table, which functions as a beautiful dark brown coffee table and a storage space for your ottomans when not in use!

Plain Walls, Patterned Accessories

In a small living space, it is wise to keep your walls a plain and preferably neutral colour, as the simplicity allows the walls to expand and feel more spacious. Busy walls – whether it be patterned wallpaper, bright colours or too many photo frames – can make a small lounge feel constricted and overwhelmed. However, there is a catch! You can get away with a gallery wall in a small living room if you place pictures right up to the ceiling, as this creates the illusion of high ceilings and therefore more vertical space.

A Gallery Wall of Pictures in a Living Room

Hang Curtains Slightly Higher

This trick is pretty well known, but cannot be disregarded. The curtains in your lounge can go a long way to making a small space feel larger, if they are hung cleverly. We love the trend of hanging your curtains from higher up the wall, closer to the ceiling, as this elongates a space and gives vertical length to a room.

High Hung White Curtains in Living Room

Smart Lighting in Small Spaces

Lighting can take up a deceiving amount of floor space in a small living room, and that is precious real estate that you could be putting to work! To combat this, we recommend using hanging light fixtures or wall-mounted fixtures that save floor space and illuminate your lounge simultaneously. Bonus: Hanging exposed Edison lightbulbs in your living space is a huge trend right now!

Edison Lightbulb Hanging from Ceiling We Can Help You…

You are in luck! Your small lounge can be transformed into the space saving yet elegant living room that you have always dreamed of. Browse our fine furniture for your perfect fit, and contact us to discuss how we can exceed your expectations.

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