5 Things to Avoid When Remodelling Your Living Room

A living room renovation can be a stressful feat. There are so many blogs and websites sharing advice on what to do, however very few offer advice on what not to do. Leisure Lounge has seen countless individuals waste money in renovation mistakes that could have been avoided. Read on for 5 mistakes to avoid in your living room remodel.

Mistakes to Avoid in Living Room Renovations

Save yourself money by knowing about these mistakes in advance. For more tips on living room remodel, furnishing and décor, visit the Leisure Lounge blog.

1. Buying the Furniture First

This is a major mistake that you will want to avoid when remodelling your living room. It is important that you complete the major parts, such as flooring and painting before purchasing your furniture. The last thing you want is to purchase a couch that completely clashes with the flooring of your living room. Therefore, you want to get the base of your living room done before purchasing new furniture.

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2. Setting an Unrealistic Budget

During a renovation, it is rare to come in below your initial budget. Therefore, set your budget to allow for 20% leeway. You may run into difficulties when re-tiling or need some unexpected repairs made on your roof, so it is important to budget for these expenses.

3. Not Considering Functionality

It can be so easy to get swept up in material swatches, colour combinations and décor that we forget to consider the functionality of a room. Don’t forget to consider window and door placement, as well as how the layout will impact traffic flow through the room.

4. Being Too Trendy

Yes, being too trendy is actually a downfall when it comes to home remodel! Trends are short-lived and you will find your room being outdated in just a few years. Investing in a good design will ensure that your living room maintains its timeless appeal until you are ready for another remodel. Whilst being on trend is something everybody wants, ensure that you capture an element of timelessness in the room.

5. Buying Cheap

We understand that everyone wants a bargain, however, you may regret that buy in the future. So many people purchase cheap materials and furniture and end up losing money when they have to replace them. Whilst you can get away with buying some items cheaply, you will want to invest in good quality flooring and paint, as well as certain furniture items.

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