5 Ways to Achieve a Cosy Living Room

Now that winter is here, you may be wanting to give your living room a little revamp. If you are trying to achieve a cosy living room, Leisure Lounge have all the tips and tricks to help you. Create a cosy lounge through décor, colour scheme and your furniture. Learn how below.

How to Achieve a Cosy Living Room

A cosy lounge is a happy home. Learn how to achieve a cosy living room with Leisure Lounge. Visit our blog for more tips on how to easily revamp your home.

1. Have Plenty Blanket and Pillows

This is the easiest way to make your living room more cosy. Ensure that you have plenty of comfortable throw pillows and soft blankets accessible. Keep blankets and extra pillows in a storage chest or take it one step further and purchase a wine rack that can hold multiple rolled up blankets.

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2. Pick the Right Rug

A rug has the power to transform a room. If you really want to play on the cosy element, purchase a faux fur rug that you can curl up on. If you are wanting to create a cosy atmosphere, shop for a rug that is soft and fairly thick.

3. Trade Tables for Ottomans

Switch out cold, hard coffee tables for large, oversized ottomans to make your living room look softer. Not only will this add some extra texture to the room, but it will also contribute to the overall warmth. You can browse ottomans here.

4. Make Use of Warm Colours and Tones

A room can look cold and unwelcoming if the colour scheme is black, greys and darker tones. If you are wanting to create a warm, welcoming look then stick to warm, light tones, creams, white and yellows.

5. Invest in Your Furniture

It is pointless having all the cosy tones and décor when you have extremely uncomfortable couches. Investing in quality, comfortable furniture will determine whether your living room is a cosy space that you want to spend time in our not. Browse our range of couches here.

Get Your Custom-made Furniture from Leisure Lounge Today

If you are wanting to find the perfect furniture item for your living room, Leisure Lounge have you covered. Choose an item of furniture then get it customised to your specifications. Get in touch today or browse our furniture.

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