5 Ways to Achieve a Timeless Living Room Style

This month we are loving the timeless living room design. From the neutral tones to the antique décor, this style has staying power for a reason. If you are looking to adopt a timeless style in your living room, Leisure Lounge have all the tips to achieve this.

How to Get the Perfect Timeless Living Room

Creating a timeless living room is easier than you think. Visit our blog for more home décor tips and guidance.

1. Let the Upholstery Lead the Way

The timeless living room style invests in quality furniture to lead the way. You are going to want to purchase couches with quality luxe upholstery that catch the eye. Large items of furniture can be in rich colour, dominating an otherwise neutral room. By having neutral rugs, curtains and walls, the furniture can set the tone and make a statement.

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2. Find a Balance Between Vintage and Contemporary

If you want to have a timeless living room style, then you need to find the fine line between vintage and contemporary. You don’t want a strictly vintage lounge, so try and incorporate a bit of both. We like to stick to contemporary large furniture items and vintage small items, such as side tables, bookshelves and décor. Try add some contemporary art pieces that match the room’s colour scheme too- remember, for the room to be considered timeless, the art piece needs to be quite subtle.

3. Make Use of Modern Print

Another way to find the perfect balance between contemporary and vintage is through the patterns you choose in your living room. Patterned upholstery, curtains and wallpaper was a major trend in the past- make it a timeless trend by adding a modern spin by using modern patterns. This always looks good on furniture or curtains if the rest of the room is moderately neutral.

4. Less is More

If you are aiming for a timeless style, less is definitely more. More decorative items can make the room look cluttered and overdone, drawing attention away from what you are trying to achieve. Keep your decor simple and streamlined and focus on creating soft places for the eyes to land instead of an overwhelming display.

5. Incorporate Natural Materials

Nature never goes out of style, so you should definitely incorporate it into your living room. Stone, wood, baskets and plants are great additions to any room. However, it is important to find a balance and not use too much of a material.

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