Leather Furniture Cleaning Tips

Real leather furniture is a serious investment, so like most investments it requires careful attention and maintenance from time to time. For this reason, some leather furniture owners are scared of taking a chemical-soaked cleaning cloth to their fine leather furniture. At Leisure Lounge we understand the struggle, so we’ve summarised a few super useful leather furniture cleaning tips just for you below:

  • Keep your leather furniture out of direct sunlight as far as possible, as sun exposure will cause the leather to become brittle and crack
  • Lightly soiled areas? Wipe with a damp cloth
  • Do a spot test on a part of your couch that isn’t visible to start. If no adverse reaction occurs, you’re safe to clean the whole thing
  • Try not to push too hard when cleaning your leather furniture, as this often pushes the dirt further into the leather
  • Mould or mildew on your leather furniture? We have an amazing recipe for you to use! Click here to download our Mildew Removing Recipe.
  • For heavily-soiled leather furniture, use a good quality saddle soap or a natural leather cleanser instead. Don’t use neatsfoot oil, as this is not the best for leather treatment
  • Start your leather cleaning process on the least dirty patches, and work your way to the most soiled areas to prevent spreading the dirt.

Fine Leather Furniture in Durban

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