The Best Ottomans to Choose and Why

Ottomans actually do originate from the Ottoman Empire, where the main form of residential seating was a low wooden platform covered with cushions. The earliest use of the ottoman as furniture in Europe was in France circa 1729 – they called it an ottomane. Today, ottomans are used for much more than simple seating or foot rest solutions. Let’s take a look at how to choose your next ottoman based on your homely needs…

You’re Running Out of Space

Space is a commodity most of us have very little of, with most of us shoving things into cupboards and little nooks wherever we can find them – just to keep things uncluttered. If space is something you need more of – perhaps a place to store your throw pillows come warmer weather – consider a storage ottoman for your living area, like the stunning deep-button storage ottoman shown below:

Deep Buttoned Leisure Lounge Storage Ottoman in Cream

Prefer a smooth surface over deep-buttons? Then the storage ottoman shown below is a serious contender! Not a fan of the fabric shown here? No worries, you can choose the perfect fabric to match your home’s unique style. These two gorgeous ottomans feature attached lids with hollow interiors to store anything from photo albums and coffee table books, to linen and pillows.

Leisure Lounge Storage Ottoman in Cream and Brown

You Want Extra Seating

Most ottomans worth their salt should be able to take at least one adult sitting on it, so any ottoman can be used for seating actually. However, you really don’t want to put grown adults on low ottomans that will have them feeling like they’re in primary school again. To add stylish extra seating to your living space, consider a high, rectangular ottoman like the Everton ottoman shown below:

Leisure Lounge Everton Ottoman in Grey

If you plan on hosting guests in your living space for quite some time, consider an ottoman with armrests and a little extra padding for the posterior. The deluxe daybed ottoman shown below matches these requirements like few others, with extra padding, arm rests, and a high profile:

Leisure Lounge Deluxe Daybed Ottoman in Tan

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