Celebrating the Vintage Look in Your Home

Vintage style is timeless. That is a fact. Whether it be vintage fashion, cars or interior décor, you cannot go wrong with vintage. At Leisure Lounge, we believe that nothing gives a home a more elegant look than some careful crafter vintage pieces, which is why we have created a quick vintage furniture style guide to help you perfect your vintage-style interior.

Get the Perfect Vintage Interior with These Vintage Accents

With just a few focus pieces and strategically-chosen accessories, you can infuse your home with a vintage aesthetic. Keep reading the blog for an easy vintage interior guide to help you ensure that your home’s interior is timelessly appealing.

Vintage Trend #1. Brass Furniture

A Common, much-loved vintage furniture trend is furniture made with brass. This can be used for bed frames, chair or table legs to create a homely, industrial vibe from the past. Choose between a variety of colours, such as red, gold, brown, bronze and silver; you are bound to find a colour that is suited to your home. Besides furniture frames, brass can also be used on faucets and for door handles.

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Vintage Trend #2. Vintage Trunks

If you are going for a vintage interior, then you are going to want vintage trunks; everywhere. These vintage trunks come in a variety of sizes and can be scattered around the home and they also have a variety of purposes. Place one at the foot of your bed to store linen, use one as a centre coffee table in the lounge or to store board games or placed in a hallway, simply for decoration.

Vintage Trend #3. Create a Conversation Pit

Nothing says ‘old-fashioned’ better than some good face-to-face social interaction. Give your house a vintage look by using a room, or section of a room, strictly for conversation. You can do this by arranging furniture to encourage conversation, without the influence of technology. Set up some couches around a coffee table and incorporate some vintage décor around it, such as old books on a shelf, the previously mentioned trunks or wooden display cabinets.

Create Your Dream Vintage Home with Leisure Lounge

Furnish your vintage home with the help of Leisure Lounge. From occasional tables to dining room tables, we have got you covered. All our furniture is custom-made to suit your requirements and your home. Call us today to discuss your home goals.

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