Chevron Trend: How to Use Chevron When Decorating

The chevron décor trend has exploded in the last few years, with chevron print making an appearance on walls, curtains, furniture and home accessories the world over. With bold colours in solid zig-zag patterns sharply contrasting against a white base colour, chevron is versatile enough to pass as vintage chic – and when used in conjunction with dark leathers, that out-of-Africa atmosphere can be achieved. So, are you ready to go chevron in your home? Here’s how…

Chevron Curtains

Chevron curtains are successfully pulled off in the bedroom, lounge and dining area – bringing texture and warmth to these living areas. Things to keep in mind when buying chevron curtains:

  • Light walls require dark chevron patterns for contrast
  • If you’re renovating, choose your chevron curtains before painting and match wall paint to chevron colour
  • Avoid over-frilly curtains if opting for chevron, as this will dilute the pattern effect.

Chevron Rugs

For ‘plain’ rooms with solid wall colours and little in the line of detailed surfaces, installing a chevron rug will break the monotony and create graphical interest underfoot. Ideas to compliment a chevron rug:

  • Chevron rugs pop against dark hard-wood flooring, no matter the pattern colour
  • Compliment your living area chevron rug with a dark leather couch for warmth.

Chevron Home Accessories

Add visual impact to any room with small accessories decorated with chevron zig-zags. Lamp shades, bowls and boxes laden with chevron print add visual contrast to any room. Some chevron home accessory options:

  • Place chevron bed cushions against white linen with a dark leather headboard
  • A large chevron fruit bowl on the kitchen counter or as a centre piece on your dining room table
  • A chevron-themed wall clock works well as a kitchen accessory.

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