Connected Couches: USB Couch Charger

We all know the struggle.

You’re sitting on the couch, half watching your nightly soaps while doing battle with a level on Candy Crush.

Your phone has been begging you to charge it, but the kitchen charging station is just too far away.

The battery should last until the end of the level, right?

Oh dear, the screen goes black and that’s the end of your Candy Crushing session…

Or is it?

Couch Connections

Leisure Lounge couches are meant to be sat on and enjoyed, and in the interest of keeping you on your couch – we’ve come up with something you’re going to love…

We’re calling them USB Couch Chargers.

These are little rectangular panels featuring a USB outlet, as well as a two-prong plug outlet, that are mounted to the side of any Leisure Lounge couch. The panel is powered simply by plugging the couch into a regular wall socket.

So, either plug your two-prong phone charger into the socket, or use any USB cable you can find and plug it directly into the USB slot.

This negates the need for unsightly extension cables running through the living area.

Our new USB couch chargers come in black, silver or white and can be fitted to any new Leisure Lounge couch!

Connected Couches in Durban

Our Leisure Lounge couches are manufactured to the highest quality, ensuring that when you buy a couch from us – you’re buying an investment! For more information on our USB couch charger, give Leisure Lounge a shout here!

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