Couches: The Tanned Leather Trend

The noughties waved goodbye to the 90’s minimalism and said hello in a big way to opulent home décor. Think bold patterned feature walls, floral motifs and large vivid coloured couch suites. Not surprising if you consider that at the same time Paris Hilton was leading the Y2K youth on a rhinestone embellished, thong flaunting, Von-Dutch cap wearing fashion charge. But the millennium has rolled on – its time to put down the bedazzling gun and embrace clean lines and nature-inspired textiles like 2017’s tanned leather couch trend…

Why Choose Tanned Leather

Leather is one of the most durable and low-maintenance textile covers you can have for furnishings. A well-made leather suite will outlast you! The benefits of this are obvious – minimal wear and tear means less housework and repairs for you. Thanks to a variety of tanning processes (including chemical and vegetable tanning) you can get quality leather in any shade you want. However, apart from statement arm chairs in vivid colours, the trend is towards natural looking leather in polished brown hues. Don’t have a huge budget? You don’t have to purchase an entire suite brand new. The joy of leather is that it is a longstanding trend and you can source a smaller leather retro wing-backed armchair for a steal.

An Enduring Classic: The Tan Leather Couch

You can get a beautiful up-to-date look in your lounge by simply starting with neutral basics and building up from there. Think light walls in off-whites, wood tiles, concrete sprayed floors or monochrome carpets and, of course, tan leather couches. The great thing about having your core colours and furniture in subdued natural materials is that these won’t date. You can simply swap in affordable accessories depending on the season or trend, while more expensive core features like a tanned leather couch will remain relevant and tasteful.

Shopping for Your Tanned Leather Couch:

  • Versatile tanned leather couches come in many shapes and work well with any décor – a tan couch would look as at home in an earthy bohemian space, as it would in a hyper-modern minimalist New York apartment. The trick is picking a style and sourcing a couch that compliments that.
  • Make sure you buy a couch that is made of good quality leather and avoid cheap synthetic options, which have a reputation for breaking and wearing quickly.
  • If you’re going for sharp lines and minimalism let your couch reflect that with an upright square shape like this Contemporary chaise
  • For a more romantic and classic pick, buy a Victorian wingback or a plush couch with deep-button details.
  • Want a statement piece? Bring Africa into your home with zebra hair-on arm chair (certain parts of the couch will have the hairy patterned part of the hide remaining). This can be a funky addition to any lounge.
  • Use throws and cushions in warm colours and eye-catching patterns to create contrast against a neutral tan couch.

Find the tanned leather couch to suite your home with Leisure Lounge’s high quality leather couch range or contact us for more information today…

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