How to create a reading nook

If you love reading books and relish the thought of having a quiet space where you can get lost in a good novel, all you need to do is get creative and invest in a few pieces of quality furniture to create a cosy reading nook where you can escape the hustle and bustle. Let’s look at a few creative ideas…

A beautiful sleeper couch

If you happen to have an empty corner, with a window, why not use that extra space? A beautiful, casual couch that doubles as a daybed is perfect for those relaxing reads and lazy afternoon snoozes. Spruce up the sleeper couch with some comfy cushions, a soft luxurious throw, and invest in a little coffee table to hold your favourite books. Pour yourself a cup of chamomile tea and light up vanilla candles – you’ll never want to leave your reading nook!

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An occasional chair under a staircase

The space underneath a staircase is often wasted. But instead of leaving this area unused, transform it into a reading nook or a secret retreat. If the space is rather small, no problem – a single occasional chair covered in a pretty fabric of your choice will do the trick, instantly transforming that awkward space into a cosy reading nook! For a touch of character, hang a few photos on the wall and place a small table or book shelf next to the chair and your little reading retreat will be complete.

Image Courtesy of Fevicol Design Ideas
Image Courtesy of Fevicol Design Ideas

An ottoman in the bedroom

Got an empty corner in your master bedroom? This is the ideal place for a reading nook. A cosy chair and a good book is food for the soul, so along with an occasional chair, add an ottoman covered in matching or similar colour tones to match the bedroom décor. Besides adding a touch of luxury to the room, an ottoman is a welcome place to rest your weary feet. To complete your reading nook, place some interesting reads on a side table and scout out for a quirky reading lamp – perfect for those evening or early morning reads!

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A romantic chaise longue for a good read

A chaise longue adds a romantic and relaxed flair to any room in the home and can be placed anywhere to create a tranquil reading nook. Throw some cushions, a blanket, books, and a rug into the mix and you’ll be ready to escape in a good read…

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