Drab to Fab: How a Headboard Uplifts Your Bedroom

A headboard has the power to change the overall look of your bedroom in an instant. With our bedrooms often serving as our ‘safe space’, it is normal to want a change of scenery, however, full bedroom make-overs can be expensive. Leisure Lounge believes that making small changes to your room, such as adding a headboard, can be just as effective and requires minimal effort.

3 Ways a Headboard will Improve Your Bedroom

In this blog post, we cover 3 ways that your bedroom will be instantly uplifted when you add a headboard.

1. It Prevents Wall Damage

Nothing makes a room drabber than a dirty wall. It is perfectly natural for people to sweat during sleep. This sweat then soaks into pillows, which then are pressed against the wall, creating dirty smudges. You may also lie with your back against the wall. Both of these actions result in dirty walls that will instantly decrease your rooms aesthetic. Keep your wall perfectly clean by instead investing in a headboard to protect it.

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2. It Adds a Personal Touch

There are so many different styles of headboards that complement different bedrooms. Elegant brass headboards compliment a romantic, classic interior design, whilst buttoned material-clad headboards are more modern look. Consider your rooms overall style before you purchase your headboard, as you want to ensure that the two are complementary. For a little bit of extra décor, you can hang fairy lights, or if the top has a solid ledge, add some photo frames.

3. They Enhance Comfort

Relaxing back in bed after a long day’s work is the best feeling. Upholstered headboards add additional cushioning for extra comfort. Enjoy being propped up watching tv, talking to your partner or getting lost in a book, without leaning back against a chilly wall. Upholstered headboards don’t just look elegant and classy, they are extremely comfortable too.

Get Your Headboard from Leisure Lounge Today

If you are looking for a way to instantly uplift your bedroom, Leisure Lounge has a headboard perfect for your bedroom. Contact us today or visit our website to browse our headboard range and find the perfect new addition to your home.

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