Five Ways to Use an Ottoman

Named for its origins in the Ottoman Empire (present day Turkey), the ottoman comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it a versatile piece of furniture, indeed! Whether you’ve got one kicking about the house that you’re wondering how to use, or you’re in the market to buy an ottoman, read this…

As a Footstool

Nothing better than putting your feet up after a hard day’s work…and an ottoman like this is perfect for the job! Get comfy on the couch, prop your feet up on a padded ottoman with a cuppa, and feel the health benefits – reduced inflammation, improved circulation, and slimmer looking pins!

As a Coffee Table

The ottoman-as-a-coffee-table trend’s been around for a while, and we still love it! Nothing says luxe like a leather ottoman used this way, whilst fabric ottomans can make a bold design statement. To overcome the ‘bounce’ caused by the padded upholstery, place a large wooden tray on your ottoman to accommodate drinks, snacks or decorative items.

As Extra Seating

Providing a place to sit was the original idea behind the ottoman, after all! Back in the Ottoman Empire, ottomans were placed against a wall to provide back support; but for occasional seating when guests pop by for a quick catch-up, a freestanding ottoman will do. In contemporary lounge settings, ottomans look great placed opposite a couch, in place of an armchair. This works particularly well in small living areas, where it’s important to preserve that open plan flow which helps a small space feel larger.

As a Cocktail Ottoman

The Leisure Lounge Nguni ottoman makes a striking side table on which to place your cocktail tray containing decanters, glasses, cocktail shaker and related paraphernalia. Don’t forget the nibbles!

As a Storage Unit

Some ottomans, like this deep-buttoned Leisure Lounge ottoman, provide a sneaky storage space for linen, blankets, throws and cushions, even books or children’s toys! Not only do they look grand when placed at the foot of a bed, or in a corner nook, they’ll keep any living space neat and tidy!

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