Furniture Print and Design Trends Emerging in 2020

2020 -a new year, a new decade and a chance to start over with your home interior. This year is about being bold, taking chances and being daring, whether that means taking on a new hobby or opting for a more eye-catching furniture print, it is all about trying something new.

5 Furniture Prints and Designs Popular in 2020

There are plenty of emerging furniture print and design trends that you can use to transform your home and make your furniture the conversation starter of all your gatherings. Here are 5 furniture prints and designs that will improve the overall image of your home and leave it 2020 ready.

1. Abstract Patterns

Bold, sweeping abstract patterns are coming back into style for home furniture fabrics. Find a pattern that is made with colours that compliment your home’s style. For example, a stark, neutral living room will be perfectly complemented by bright, abstract print on the couch. This will give the room a brighter feel and direct the eye of guests to the seating.

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2. Keep it Earthy

A popular 2020 trend in homes are materials that are earthy, in the way they look and what the materials are made of. This can be wool, cotton or leather and in various shades of browns, greens and greys. These tones and materials complement rooms that embody similar colours, decorative pieces and style.

3. Embroidery

Embroidery has been around for years, however, it is making a major comeback in home furniture patterns. This suits bohemian and romantic styled homes. Picture floral patterns, feminine colour combinations and unique designs that will guarantee compliments from all your guests.

4. Furniture as Art

A trend that we love is the presence of the artist on the print. This involves loose brush strokes, paint daubes and large, attention-grabbing designs created by an artist. This print is typically bolder than the previously mentioned designs, however, it complements modern homes perfectly. Rooms that have a more bare and minimalistic look great with a dramatic furniture print to liven things up.

5. Floral Design

We love the floral design and are thrilled to see it making its way onto furniture. This design looks great on single statement chairs and brightens up a room, giving it a spring feel all-year-round. Opt for subtly neutral colours or go bolder and incorporate a bright colour.

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