Hot New Couch: The L Shaped Couch

Move over two and three-seater couches – make way for the L-shape! This asymmetrical couch has become one of the biggest living room trends of recent times, and we love it! Here’s why…

Couches that Save Space

Back in the day, when land was cheap and the houses huge, sprawling couches in massive living rooms were the order of the day. But South African homes are shrinking – the average residential stand today is half the size it was in 1970. Smaller homes call for space-saving furniture, and the L-shaped couch perfectly fits the bill. Fitting snugly into a corner, these streamlined couches partition spaces without closing them off, maintaining that open-plan feel.

Contemporary Couches

First rising to prominence in the 1950s, the L-shaped couch style was a favourite of design icons like the Eames brothers. It’s a timeless design that lends an air of contemporary cool to any space. Use an L-shaped couch as the focal point of your room – accessorise your sofa with an ottoman in a complimentary upholstery for extra flair. A standing lamp behind your safe adds a touch more flourish.

Cost-Effective Couch

Not only are L-shaped couches space-saving and aesthetically pleasing, they’re kinder on the pocket, too! Splurging on one really great piece of furniture just makes more financial sense than buying two, three or even four individual pieces.

Multi-functional furniture

L-Shaped sofas combine the decadence of a day bed with the elegance of a sofa. A comfy spot to watch telly or read a favourite novel, chat to houseguests or to take a midday nap, the L-shaped couch presents all-round awesomeness!

Shop for Corner Suites

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