How to Know When to Replace Your Couch

Buying furniture can be an expensive endeavour, therefore, you want to ensure that you only replace your old couch when you 100% have to. Investing in a new couch will automatically give your living room the amazing transformation that it may so desperately need! Leisure Lounge knows all about couches and upholstery, so let us help you know when to replace worn furniture.

When to Replace Your Couch

Here are 3 easy ways to tell if your couch needs replacing:

1. It’s Outgrown its Purpose

Most people tend to buy a new couch before any other pieces of furniture or extra bodies have joined the family. What may have been a great starter couch for a young couple, may now be cramped and worn down for a family of four. It is common that your living room will evolve with you and you may find that your couch just no longer fits.

2. You’re Sinking into It

If your couch is eating you, then it is definitely time to get a new one! When the cushions have flattened so dramatically that you feel your chin is on a level with your knees, your couch is swallowing you up- get a new one before you disappear forever!

3. The Upholstery Looks Shabby

This is one of the most noticeable things about a couch that needs to be replaced; it just looks shabby! With kids, pets and a steady stream of guests visiting, your couch has most likely gained its fair share of stains and scratch marks. The couch is one of the first things people notice when they walk into a room, so don’t let it ruin the overall picture of your beautiful living room.

Get Your Couch from Leisure Lounge Today

If any of these points are your couch, then it is most likely time for you to begin the hunt for that perfect new couch for your family. Leisure Lounge has over 200 different designs that you can customize to suit your living room perfectly. Call us today for any questions, queries or for a quote.

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